Unique Business Ideas for Students in Pakistan

Students always need money. The best way to get is to do their own side business. Starting a new business is a difficult task in Pakistan. Building a business from scratch is always tiring, time taking, and demands high effort to put in. 

When you are a student and want to start a business side by side while studying, it can be struggling for you. You have to choose a business that should not only look good in evolving but also give you time for learning.

10 Unique Business Ideas for Students in Pakistan

There are different catchy business ideas in the market; some demand investment, some require skills and time, and some are outdated. Here are some unique business ideas, according to the market trend, and they are best for students. 

Unique business ideas for students in Pakistan

These businesses can be started from a lower scale, with little investment. They can be started while studying to pursue entrepreneurship. 

Business ideas for students with little investment

So there are many others, but I have picked these 10 unique business ideas for students in university or at home. The list can go up to 50 business ideas but 10 or 12 business ideas are good to choose from. I have listed both online business ideas and offline business ideas.

Here is the list of risk-free unique business ideas for students in Pakistan:

1. Candies Retailer

Suppose you want to start a business that requires a small investment of time and money. In that case, you can buy candies in bulk or bunties from a supermarket or wholesale market. 

You just need new packaging and start packing. Make an online presence, and sell those items to the market and directly to the clients.

See this list of real apps for online earning in Pakistan   

2. Start a Gift Shop

Making gifts online is a trendy business nowadays. You can get a lot of ideas for making gifts. As a student, it is sometimes hard to give a lot of time to your business; you can make gift boxes and baskets. These gift baskets are now in trend, and this business is capable of growing fast. You can make wedding gifts and birthday gifts.

3. Launch an Online Course

If you are good at some skills, in some subjects, or anything you study at school. You can record videos, make an outline, and launch it on some website or YouTube. You can make basic, medium, and premium courses on the website. 

You can also make these courses paid for. This can make you earn a lot while studying, and this will also increase your knowledge about the course.

4. Photographs Selling

Selling pictures online is the best way to make money online. You can take different photos of nature anytime and anywhere you want, depending on your schedule. You can get inspiration from many websites and online platforms. Here is a list of websites to sell photos

Create your account online on the website, sell your photographs, and earn a lot. You can also contract with some photographic agencies.

5. Rent-A bike

University students come from various parts of the country. Most of them don't have their own verhicles. Many hostel-lied students don't have bikes. There are those who come to campus by Bus. They all sometimes have to go to other departments or far-off areas within or outside the campus. They either borrow a motorcycle from one of their friends or hire a bike. 

So, renting a motorcycle business only take 2, or 3 motorcycles. You can start this business in partnership with your friends who have their own motorbikes. This is a brilliant and unique business idea for University students in Pakistan.

6. Open a Stationery Store

Opening a stationery store is best for students who have less time to give to their businesses. You can get all of the stationary items from a superstore or a wholesale market. You can make your presence on Facebook and Instagram online, and then you can create a website online. 

You can earn a good amount of profit from this job. You can make your store physically as a shop near your school, university, and college.

7. Fashion Store

Students who are learning fashion designing, related to designing, and if you are good at arts or crafts. You can make dresses, designer dresses, and much more. You can also get clients online and offline. As a student, you can make fashion stores online. 

This is the best part-time business for many students. You can earn a lot of money when you design for weddings and parties. You just need to learn about different stuff of clothes, laces, and much more.

8. Custom Shirt Painting

Students who want to bring something new to the market can be small investments. You can make different, trendy, customized prints for dresses and shirts. You need to have a cloth printing machine and some knowledge of design. 

These shirts are highly common nowadays. You can sell such shirts to different businesses that have customized uniforms with logos printed on them. After that, you can expand your machinery and move your business online. Growing such businesses is very easy and requires less amount of investment.

9. Writing and Proof Reading

If you has a command of the English language and a good typing speed, you can start your own business. You can write thesis, reports, and assignments for others and get paid. Keep a printer along and start providing printed copies of the documents. 

You can get your customers within your own class, college or university too. Just print an add and paste it on public places in your university, college etc. There are hundreds of students who are willing to pay for writing their assignments. You can also offer translation services along. You can offer CV writing services as well. Here is how you can earn money by doing the homework for others. 

10. Sell used books and notes

You can set up a store within the shopping area of your campus. Buy and sell used books. This is very good business as thousands of students want to buy old books. 

Students cannot afford new books and many of them also want to sell their used books for money. Buy old books and notes and resell them with a profit. This business has great scope in Universities. You can buy good quality notes from brilliant students and sell these notes to others. You can start with very low investment.

Another business idea includes earning money through dropshipping in Pakistan in 2023. The complete guide is published on InsiderPk here.


Students need money to meet their expenses. It is very difficult nowadays for parents to finance the education of their children.  There are thousands of business ideas for students. There are others like food delivery, printing shop, marketing, online classes, academies etc. But this list can go long.

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