10 Legal and Real Apps to Earn Money in Pakistan

Online earning in Pakistan has become a trend. People are earning money sitting at home using these apps. You can make money online by playing games, using free apps. 

Due to technological advancements and the internet, online earning is common and adopted. Many websites, apps, freelancing platforms, and jobs can make earning online. 

Some best apps are available in Pakistan to earn money online. There are some online earning games in Pakistan. You can play games to earn money and withdraw your earning to JazzCash and Easypaisa.

10 real apps to earn money online in Pakistan

Although, it is tough to choose the real platforms in thousands of apps online. Following are some real and legal apps that can help you earn money in Pakistan.
There are many online earning scams in Pakistan. Most of them will ask you to pay money in order to create account or anything else. So not pay a penny to those scammers. You can earn online money in Pakistan by their trusted and real apps. 

10 best and real app online earning in pakistan
I have listed 10 app that are real and shall earn money sitting at home. You can choose one or all of these to start online erning in Pakistan.

Online earning apps in Pakistan

Here is the list of real apps that will let earn you money online in Pakistan.

1. Upwork

If you are a freelancer or a part-time job seeker and want to earn handsome money online, you should choose Upwork. Upwork is a big platform that helps skilled people to earn and get recognition on Upwork. 

The Upwork payment system is highly reliable. Whether you are an adult, job holder, student, or any other, you can just create an Upwork account and earn better. You must have a government ID card or passport to verify your account.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best platform that acts as a freelancing app and is best for beginner freelancers. You should have a skill of any expertise. 

You can make different gigs, earn online, and have a profile to get recognition. You usually send requests to buyers to sell your services by sending proposals. The Fiverr payment system is reliable and works.

3. Savyour

An app gives you cash back when you do online shopping; you just have to shop online on Savyour and get cash back on everything you buy. 

It is incredible when you have an affordable, fastest platform for buying things without visiting the store.

4. Zareklamy

Suppose you do not have much greater skills. In that case, you should have online earn money by doing small techniques like watching videos and earning by subscribing to platforms, TikTok and Instagram watching videos. 

Also read about how to earn money by playing games in Pakistan in 2023.

You can withdraw your earnings into local and international banks, PayPal, and Payoneer.

5. Daraz

You can shop online and open your online business store on Daraz. Daraz is the best store where you can earn cash back and have deals and discounts on various items. 

If you cannot open your own seller account or store, you can do affiliated marketing and earn through Daraz. You can promote the products of others and get customers for them. In return, you will get a decent amount of commission. 

You can also participate in playing games to earn cash points.

6. Jeeto Paisa

This is an argument reality (AR) gaming and messaging app to earn money online in Pakistan. It makes it easy for you to make points and earn through them by socializing and having fun through gaming.

You can also get mega points by learning through apps and much more. We have run a scam check and we found it real and trusted.

7. Google Opinion Rewards

Google is the most trusted source of earning in the world. It has a wide network of members earning millions of dollars every day through various products. Earning online is not difficult anymore in Pakistan. You can get Money through Google Opinion Rewards. 

You can take the online survey, and you can get and earn money by filling in the details. When you complete the survey, you can get the rewards back in dollars.

8. Super Tasker

Super tasker is one of the best platforms that help you earn money online by various means. You can get many permanent and Freelance clients from Super Tasker. You can do any task according to your skills and expertise.

Super Tasker is just like Fivver but it is Pakistan Based. You can do various tasks like photoshoot, editing, cleanliness, driving, posted by the people. You get your payment through Jazz Cash, Easypaisa, Bank transfer and ID card.

9. Toloka

Toloka is an app that gives different tasks to earn online for people. This is the best part of Toloka because it offers Pakistan to withdraw Money in JazzCash, Easypaisa, and any other bank. 

When you install the app, you get coins; after that, you complete simple tasks, playing games, inviting more and uploading pictures, etc.

Alternatively, you can start your own dropshipping business in Pakistan to earn money.

10. MCX Works

There is a platform for MCX where you can earn money online. You need to download it from the official website of MCX, where the app contains an unpaid and paid process. 

After this, you can move to complete tasks and earn by getting points. MCX can easily learn from the tutorials they provide and also on YouTube.


Many websites and apps are providing fake information and scams to earn money, and you must have to make sure of these scams. 

The website and apps provided above are the best and most reliable for earning by using some skill or completing small tasks. 

You just need to signup, make the account, add your information, showcase your skills and sometimes send proposals to the clients to address the issue.

By using these apps, you can genuinely dedicate yourself to earning online. But do check YouTube reviews for any app you are going to use. See what others are saying about it.

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