Telenor hourly, daily weekly and monthly packages and offers

Here are all call, SMS and Internet packages by Telenor Pakistan. Telenor brings all 4G data offers with a validity of 24 hours, 2 hours, weekly and monthly. Telenor internet packages, class packages, and SMS package details are given here on this page. Insider PK is covering all internet and cellular network companies like Jazz, Zong, Ufone and Telenor with all complete details of all packages and offers.

Telenor call, SMS and Internet Packages with codes and offers

Telenor Call packages

1. Telenor One day Call Packages

Telenor is offering the following call packages with one-day validity:
1. Telenor first call offer
2. Full day offer
3. Telenor Super Load offer
4. Telenor Good time offer

All one day offers are valid for 24 hours. You can know more details of all one day call packages with subscription codes etc on my other post about Telenor One day call packages details page.

2. Telenor 3 Days Calls Packages

The three days Calls packages include the following:
1. Telenor 3/3 Offer
2. Three days Sahulat offer

The details about these offers can be found on my post Telenor Three day call packages and offers.

3. Telenor Weekly call package with codes:

The weekly call packages offered by Telenor include the following:
1. Haftawar Sahulat Offer
2. Weekly Easy Card

Get details about Telenor weekly call packages

4. Telenor Monthly call Packages

Telenor is offering the following Monthly call packages:
1. Telenor Monthly Easy Card 600
2. Telenor Monthly Easy card 450
3. Monthly easy card 800

You can know more about Telenor Monthly offers and packages

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor is offering Internet packages for the following validity offers:

1. One day internet packages

Telenor brings the following internet, Facebook, youtube, and Whatsapp packages with one-day validity:
1. Facebook and Whatsapp Package
2. 4G daily Lite Bundle
3. Raat Din Offer
4. Youtube Bundle

You can get the details about all one day internet packages of Telenor

2. Telenor three days of internet packages:

The following internet packages with 3 days validity are currently offered by Telenor:
1. 4G 4 day bundle (See details)

3. Telenor Weekly Internet packages

Telenor has issued the following internet packages with 7 days validity:
1. 4G late night offer
2. Weekly budget package
3. Telenor weekly Free Whatsapp offer
4. Free 1000 MB offer
5. 4G weekly Bundle
6. Weekly 6 to 6 offer
7. 4G weekly Super
8. 4G weekly Ultra

You can read here all the details of Telenor weekly Internet packages

4. Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor is offering following 4G internet monthly packages:
1. 4G monthly Ultra
2. Monthly Facebook and Whatsapp Offer
3. 4G monthly Lite
4. 4G monthly Plus Bundle
5. 4G monthly Starter Bundle

Read here the details of all Monthly Internet Packages of Telenor

Telenor SMS Packages Details

 Telenor gives the following SMS packages to its users:
1. Daily SMS Bundle
2. Weekly SMS Bundle
3. Monthly SMS Bundle

Telenor Best packages 2020

1. Haftawaar Chappar Phar offer
2. Weekly All in one Plus
3. Weekly Internet all in one
4. Sim Lagao offer

General hourly, weekly and monthly offers

1. 15 Days economy SMS Bundle
2. 5 Day SMS Bundle
3. Weekly Voice OffPeak offer
4. Telenor Superload Offer
5. Sim Lagao Offers


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