Top ten profitable business with low investment in Pakistan

Which business is best for you in Pakistan in 2023? You might be thinking of starting a new business here in Pakistan and may be wondering what to do? Here is the list of small business ideas in Pakistan with the very low investment required. These are the best business ideas for middle-class people.

2020 business ideas in pakistan

There have been many trends regarding the job and work in Pakistan. For the past 20 years people of Pakistan especially the middle class, went for government jobs for a living. The reason behind this could be the satisfaction of getting your pay every 1st of the month. 

People wanted secure jobs instead of taking risks. But this trend is changing and the youth prefer entrepreneurship instead of government jobs. So are you looking for profitable businesses with low investments? We might have some great ideas for you.

Top 10 businesses with low investments in Pakistan 2023

Investing your life savings on a business is a big risk, which many people hesitate from. And we will never suggest you put a sum of money on your business without any proper planning. But we will provide some businesses which require very less investment and are very much profitable. 

You can start your own small business with a very tiny amount of money. But as said before, Planning is the most important thing before investing your money. 

Here are the top 10 most profitable businesses with low investment in Pakistan.

1. Freelancing

You might be wondering why freelancing is at no. 1 in this list of top 10 profitable businesses in Pakistan. It is because freelancing is the most trending business in Pakistan for the past few years. And you might be wondering how much investment you need for this business. 

You don't have to worry about that, because freelancing needs zero investment. Without spending a penny you can start your business as a freelancer and earn thousands of dollars. Because most of the transactions of freelancing are in dollars you will get more money compared to Pakistan.

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So how can you start freelancing? Well, there is unlimited no of skills that you can sell on different freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. All these websites help you find clients for your specific skills. So find your skill and start working now.

2. Wedding Planner

Pakistani weddings are very big and require a lot of work and effort in organizing. It could be a big burden on the grooms and their families. So how can you help? Well, you can be their wedding planner. With a very small amount of investment, considerably 10 to 15 thousand you can become a wedding planner. 

This business is very important and challenging because you'll need to make people happy, and that is a very difficult job. But it needs a very low investment and is highly profitable. So if you are thinking about a high profiting business! Go for wedding planner.

3. Travel Agency

Pakistani people travel abroad every year to their religious and holy places i.e. Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. So why not provide them the best means to travel through your travel agency. You can serve and profit at both times.

With an estimated amount of 5 lack, you can start your travel agency and start earning. It is one of the most profitable and low investment business in Pakistan.

4. Tourism Agency

Tourism is a big trend in Pakistan. There are very ancient and beautiful places like Muhanjodaro, Naran Kagan, Neelum Valley and countless more. Due to terrorism tourism was effected in Pakistan, but for the past couple of years Pakistan got its reputation back and people are visiting every year in bulks.

So it a great time to start this low investment budget with high profit and start earning.

5. Mobile and Accessories

Almost every person in Pakistan owns a mobile phone. Even children have a smartphone these days. And this is because of high competition and low rates of smartphones. 

To start a smartphone and accessories shop you need 2 lack to 5 lacks rupees. You can start from 2 lack and as your business increases you can increase your business day by day. You can even see this list of online earning games in Pakistan that offer withdraw to JazzCash and Easypaisa. 

Due to the high demand for mobile phones and accessories, this business is a very profitable business with low investment in Pakistan.

6. Poultry Farming

The food industry in Pakistan is very rewarding due to the high demand for food products. Poultry is the most demanding product in Pakistan. 

You can start a small poultry farm on a small scale to start your poultry business. But hens and chicks in poultry require the best care one can provide. So keep that in mind and research completely all the pros and cons before investing and starting this business.

7. Fish Farming

Like poultry, fish farm is also a profitable business with low investment. But there are some things that are different about this business. This business has a low level of risk because fish survive in water and grows very fast. You don't need a lot of medication for your fishes.

Although very profitable, this business is seasonal in Pakistan. As we know fish is in demand only in winter and Pakistan has winter for almost 4 months. But this also gives you an opportunity to breed fish in summer and sell it in winter. 

You will not lose your money due to the high demand for fish in winter. So if it appeals you start your fish farm and profit from it.

8. Ridesharing Companies

If you are up for some extra money and don’t have any investment! Do not worry. In Pakistan Uber and Careem provide their riding services. All you have to do is register your bike or car with one of these companies and you are good to go. 

This is not a big business, but it can help you a lot if you have zero investment and need to run your kitchen. The rates provided by these companies are also not very bad. So get registered now if you want to do this.

9. Online Ecommerce Store

The trend is changing now a days. People are transferring from physical business to Online Ecommerce businesses. What is an online store? It is a Store same as the real store that one has, but it is on the internet. 

Many people are selling their products online using their website stores. It provide more profit due to its universality. You are able to sell all over the world. Only sky is the limit. Online Ecommerce stores can be of two types.

A Personal Brand

If you have a product to sell that you manufactured. Personal Brand is the best option for you. You can list your products on your store and sell them all over the world. 

A Drop shipping Store

A drop shipping store is a little different from personal brand. In this type of store you Place products from other manufacturers to your store and sell them as a middleman.

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Note: You can even buy and sell products online on OLX. Purchase local 2nd hand items and sell these online on OLX with profit.

10. Beauty Parlor Or Saloon

If you have experience in styling and fashion, you can start a saloon or a beauty parlor. This business needs less investment and is very profitable as beauticians cost a lot these days. Especially women visit parlors on a weekly basis. It's a high demand and profitable business if you have parlor experience.

These were the top 10 most profitable businesses with low investments in Pakistan. You may disagree with some of them, but we choose these professions to keep a universal set of mind. 

These are for every kind of person who is looking for low investment businesses with high profits. Hope you liked our post. Keep visiting for more information on different topics.

These are some other most profitable businesses with low investment in Pakistan that you can consider.
  • Academy
  • Blogging
  • Social media/ Online marketing
  • Photography
  • Home-Based Cooking 
  • Makeup Artist 
  • Art and Craft:
  • Mahanadi Artist
  • Customized Shirts and Mugs
  • Online Book Publishing
  • Agricultural Business
  • Youtuber
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