Jazz monthly call packages codes and details 2023

 Jazz is the most popular and the most subscribed cellular network in Pakistan. It has millions of subscribers and it is also the most affordable network in Pakistan. 

It's call packages are very cheap as compared to other networks. These codes 2023 are best call packages by jazz.

Jazz monthly call packages 2023

Jazz monthly call package 2023 best and cheap package

Now Jazz bring exciting new monthly call packages to give the best and variety of services to its users. 

Jazz introduced many new offers and services in 2023. Jazz give free minutes and SMS along with all packages and offers.

You can now use Free Facebook on Jazz without any data charges and package subscriptions.

Jazz Call and free minute packages 30 days validity

Here is the details of what call packages and offers jass gives for 30 days validity:

1. Jazz monthly super duper Package Rs 868

Jazz monthly super duper call package is a good all-in-one package focused on calls. 

You get 3000 jazz/warid minutes, 3000 SMS, 300 other network minutes, and 10 GB data in jazz monthly super duper packages in Rs 868 Only.

1. Jazz monthly super duper

BalanceRs 868
Duration30 Days
Jazz/warid Minutes3000
Other Networks Minutes300
Data10 GB
Subscription Code*706#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*706*2#
Any other ChargesCall setup fee Rs 0.15

Note: You can subscribe to these packages and the incentive given in this offer for 24 hours a day. No time slot is provided. Learn how to share jazz minutes with other numbers.

2. Jazz Monthly Super duper plus Rs 1260

Jazz monthly super duper Plus is best and economical all in pne jazz monthly package. It has balance approach with minutes, data and sms. 

You get 3000 Jazz minutes, 500 other network minutes, 3000 SMS and 40 GB data in Rs 1260 only.

2. Jazz monthly super duper plus Code

BalanceRs 1260
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes3000
Other Networks Minutes500
Data40 GB
Subscription Code*707#
Unsubscription code*707*4#  (The package expire after 7 days too)
Status code*407*2#
Any other Chargescall setup fee
WarningNo. You can use all jazz minutes and data 24 hours. No time restrictions.

Note: You can dial *707# to subscribe to jazz monthly call package with many free minutes. The code is for 2023 and jazz may change the rates later.

3. Jazz Monthly gupshup package

This offer is also focused on calls and voice bundles.

The package offers 1000 jazz minutes which can be purchased for Rs 345 under this package.

3. Jazz monthly call package code

BalanceRs 345
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes1000
Other Networks Minutes0
Subscription Code*717#
Unsubscription code*717*4#
Status code*717*2#
Any other Chargescall fee apply
WarningYou will get 1000 free minutes for 30 days. The free minutes will not be 

Note: This an exciting monthly package for those who have mostly jazz contacts as there are limited other network minutes. 

 4. Jazz super Mahan Offer

Jass Super Mahana is mainly a call package for 30 days as it offers a large amount of data. 

The price of the package is very good as compared to 5000 jazz minutes, 5000 SMS and 150 other network minutes, and 10GB data you get in this offer. 

All this is only in Rs 521 for 30 days validity.

4. Jazz super Mahana call package code

BalanceRs 521
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes5000
Other Networks Minutes150
MB10 GB (5 GB 2:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
Subscription Code*529#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*529*2#
Any other ChargesNIL
WarningNo warning

Note: Jazz users will be able to enjoy super duper card call package for monthly validity and a very cheap call package with all in one including free minutes, MBs, and SMS.

You should also know about how to lock your jazz balance when data is on.

5. Jazz monthly Shahdakot offer

Jazz brings exciting location-based packages and offers. 

Jazz monthly call package for Shahdakot is a good offer by Jazz for the users of Shahdakot and surrounding areas. 

You get 2000 Jazz minutes, 200 other network minutes, 4000 SMS and 2 GB data in Shahdakot offer in Rs 319 only

5. Jazz monthly Shahdakot

BalanceRs 319
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes2000
Other Networks Minutes200
Subscription Code*873#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*873*2#
Any other Chargescall fee Rs 0.15
WarningThe minutes and MB and other items are usable 24 hours.

Note: No special Note. The offer is available in Shahdakot and surrounding areas.

6. Jazz DG Khan monthly Call package

This is a good offer for DG Khan users and a very cheap and affordable monthly call package 2023. 

You are given the same incentives as of Shahdakot and the same price. 

Means you get 2000 jazz minutes, 200 off-net minutes and 5000 MB data in Rs 300.

6. Jazz DG khan call Package codes

BalanceRs 350
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes2000
Other Networks Minutes200
MB5000 MB
Subscription Code*705#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*705*2#
Any other ChargesNone
WarningRs 1.2/MB will occur after the package expires. So, keep checking your remaining usage.

Note: No time slot limit. 24 hours a day. The offer is only for DG Khan and surrounding areas.

Read more about Jazz free whatsapp without balance.

7. Jazz Mahana bachat call packages Rs 250

This is the cheapest monthly call package offerd by Jazz. 

You are charged only Rs 250 to get 300 jazz minutes, 2000 SMS and 50 off-net minutes along with 6 GB free WhatsApp/iMo. The offer is valid of 30 days.

7. Jazz Mahana bachat offer code

BalanceRs 250
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes300
Other Networks Minutes50
MB6 GB (only for whatsapp and IMO)
Subscription Code*614#
Unsubscription codeThe package will automatically expire after 30 days
Status code*614*2#
Any other ChargesNone

Note: MBs and data given under this package and offer is valid for Whatsapp only. You can only use WhatsApp with this packages. 

You should also read about Jazz super ghanta package for one hour internet.

8. Jazz Sim lagao offer Free

Of you have a jazz sim that is not used for 30 days, you can dial *551# to to get sim lagao offer on your sim. Jazz gives the following incentives free for reactivating your jazz Sim.

8. Jazz Sim Lagao offer code

BalanceRs 0.01
Duration30 Days
Jazz Minutes3000
Other Networks Minutes75
MB6 GB (3 GB for whatsapp)
Subscription Code*551#
Unsubscription codeNA
Status code*553*2#
Any other Chargescall set up fee Rs 0.15
Free minutes are given on daily basis. The incentives from this offer are not valid on chaand rat and Eid days. 

Note: You will get 50 jazz minutes daily for 60 days. 

You will get an additional 50 free minutes after consuming Rs 15 or more from your sim. Jazz 2023 codes for monthly calls package.

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