Jazz Doosra balance code and charges

 Jazz Doosra Balance offers a unique way to save your balance in another space within your number. You can transfer some of your balance to another location called Jazz Dusra balance to save your balance for being used without your notice.

jazz dosra balance or doosra balance offer code save jazz balance

Save Jazz Balance with Doosra Balance offer

If you want to secure your jazz balance, then you should use jazz doosra balance. I would like to mention here that jazz Dusra Balance is a back up an account where you can put your balance away from the eyes of your friends. You can always transfer this balance to your main balance.

Jazz Doosra Balance is actually a virtual account where you can put your balance and use it when you really need it. No tax is deducted for transferring and keeping balance in your Jazz Doosra Balance account.

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Jazz Doosra balance subscription code

The subscription code for Jazz Doosra Balance is: *869#

When you subscribe to the offer. You can also dial the same code to access the account.

Jazz Doosra Balance Unsubscription code

To unsubscribe the offer, you dial *869# and then reply with 3. You will be unsubscribed the offer.

Please note when you unsubscribe the offer, the balance in your Doosra Account will be transferred to your main balance. The fee for the transaction is Rs 1.2 per transaction from Jazz Doosra balance to your main balance.

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Terms and Conditions for the offer

  • There are no service charges for the offer.
  • There are no subscription charges.
  • There are no unsubscription charges
  • There are no transaction charges from main balance to Doosra Balance
  • The transaction charges from Jazz Doosra balance to main balance is Rs 1.2 per transaction
  • You can keep a maximum 100 Rupees in Jazz Doosra Balance.
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