Easypaisa debit card complete information

Easypaisa is a mobile app that helps people in Pakistan to manage their money. It also offers free ATM card (debit card). Easypaisa debit card online registration, ATM card limit, how to get easypaisa atm card, card activation and card tracking etc all information is given.

Easypaisa app is an alternative to traditional banks and microfinance institutions. Easypaisa mobile appis designed with the needs of low-income groups in mind. It offers a range of services such as savings, loans, and insurance products at affordable rates.

Easypaisa offers free ATM Card

Easypaisa is a mobile wallet service that is a subsidiary of the cellular company Telenor. Pakistan, it is an innovative step to use a digital wallet from home. 

easypaisa debit card 2023 information

By doing so, you can easily get rid of complicated bank transactions. The app has been designed with a focus on a user-friendly interface, easy access, and scalability.

Complete information about Easypaisa debit card

It provides microfinance to people across Pakistan. It is the first of its kind in the country and has received recognition for being innovative and sustainable. 

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The app was developed by a team of young entrepreneurs who were looking for an easier way to provide financial services to the unbanked.

Easypaisa Debit Card

If you are using an Easypaisa account, you must know that Easypaisa just launched their Easypaisa Debit Card. This Easypaisa Debit Card is a useful innovation by Telenor Microfinance Bank Ltd, and you can easily get one by ordering. Ordering an Easypaisa Debit Card is not something difficult.

Easypaisa ATM card charges and limit

Easypaisa ATM card is available for every Easypaisa user. It only costs Rs. 20 PKR for every withdrawal from any ATM machine in Pakistan. You can use this debit card to withdraw money from ATMs available in your locality. 

Easypaisa Debit Card does not come up with yearly charges. It just takes a one-time fee, even if that does not exceed Rs. 1000 PKR. This is a multipurpose debit card that not only allows you to withdraw money but also to pay at online outlets.

Types of Easypaisa Debit Cards

Easypaisa offers debit cards that are either supported by UnionPay or PayPak. You can still get a free virtual debit card in Pakistan for online payments

1. UnionPay Debit Card

You can get Easypaisa UnionPay Debit Card from Easypaisa, which you can use at ATMs and on POS Terminals.You can get itby spending Rs. 600 PKR as a one-time fee.

2. PayPak Debit Card

Easypaisa PayPak Debit Card is another variant of the same card that comes with a slightly broader scope of functionality. 

The one-time fee for Easypaisa PayPak Debit Card is Rs. 1000 PKR. You can use the same card to withdraw money and pay at checkouts.

How to Order an Easypaisa Debit Card?

Ordering an Easypaisa Debit Card is very easy. You can order it in two ways:

1. Applying from Easypaisa App

You can directly request a card through your Easypaisa mobile app.

2. By Calling Easypaisa Helpline

You can also order an Easypaisa Debit Cardby calling their helpline at Easypaisa at 3737, and ifyou are a Telenor user, you can get it from 042-111-003737.

Features of Easypaisa Debit Card

Some of the distinctive features of the Easypaisa Debit Card are as follows:
  • It is easy to use and less complicated than other payment methods like credit cards or cash.
  • Easypaisa Debit Card can be used almost anywhere, even at ATMs, with no need for a bank account or ID verification.
  • Easypaisa Debit Card transactions can be tracked on the phone by using checking for notifications in the Easypaisa app that aresent every time you use your debit card for purchases and withdrawals.
  • Easypaisa Debit Card is a convenient way of payment for people who do not have bank accounts. They are also used to make payments online and in stores.
  • If you have an Easypaisa Debit Card, you do not need to visit the merchant or retailer to withdraw money from your account.

Should You Buy an Easypaisa Debit Card?

If you do not have any other bank account and solely rely on Easypaisa for sending and receiving money, this debit card is a must for you. In the aforesaid situation, you will be greatly benefited from its features. 

However, if you have an actual bank account that you operate with a working debit card, you can think of the possibility of not ordering this additional debit card. In order to make immediate transactions, you can transfer the money to your bank from the Easypaisa app to be withdrawn by your already existing debit card.

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