Online business ideas for women in Pakistan

Online small-scale and large-scale business ideas for females in Pakistan have been given in this article. We have listed home-based business ideas with small investments in Pakistan. This list of online businesses has been compiled for females but men can also do these businesses.

Online business ideas for Females in Pakistan

Online business, especially for ladies, is more flexible. Through online businesses, women can become more independent and earn their own money. Working online can be started anywhere and anytime. 

online business ideas for women in Pakistan

Why start an online business?

Online business is easy to manage and operate from home. It is perfect for females. Many women are doing online business as owners or partners. You can join an online business as a partner too. 

Online businesses have the following features:

1. Easy to operate and manage
2. Low investment
3. Low operational costs
4. Small human capital required
5. Vast market
6. Low risks

For young female entrepreneurs and houses wives, such businesses are familiar and easy to start. So the scope of E-commerce in Pakistan is high. We can expect more female entrepreneurs to jump into the market and show their talent.

Home-based online business for females in Pakistan

Here is a list of best online businesses that are suitable for ladies in Pakistan:

1. Online Tutoring

We call it a business because you own it. You earn by yourself y teaching online classes. Online teaching business is very profitable. If you want to have a consistent year-round income, it is definitely possible to teach online.
  • Online tutoring is a good and easy way for students to make money at university.
  • You can offer your services online on some websites and can launch your website too.

2. Selling Cosmetics and Jewelry 

You can make a lot of money by selling beauty products and jewelry at affordable prices. You will probably earn an acceptable amount if your cosmetics and jewelry are distinctive and attractive.
  • To ensure that your cosmetic business is profitable, you should clearly know your niche and target audience.
  • You can make your online page or online brand and enlist your cosmetics and jewelry items there in this way that it will attract your audiences.
  • Increased demand for multi-feature products such as moisturizing creams with sun protection and anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties are likely to drive market products.
You can also sell homemade wooden, plastic, threaded, embroidered jewelry and other items online.

3. Content Creation

Creating content is difficult at first. But it is an exciting and fun way to create content on anything.

Basically, content creators are those who can create content on anything. Content can be anything from a book to social media content.

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Content creators can also be called influencers if they majorly impact their viewers.

You can make content on anything like food, photographs, cooking, and many more. If you are creative, you can create content on whatever thing you like.

4. Selling Crafts Online

Different types of crafts like home fragrances, paper flowers, custom mugs, T-shirts, cushion covers, resin and clay jewelry, face mask, etc., anyone can learn to make these things with their hands and sell them online. 

This way, you can show your creativity, record videos, and upload them on YouTube to earn handsome money.

You can also give classes on handmade crafts and sell these items online by making your page on any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

5. Conducting Yoga Classes

From yoga classes to festivals to retreats to trainings-yoga builds community. For many people today, creating and fostering communities online is our primary way of engaging and interacting.

Online yoga connects you with teachers from all over the world and often other yogis from all walks of life. There are no barriers, no boundaries, just the union that makes yoga intrinsically unique.

It’s usually more affordable than personal classes, and you can choose various yoga styles and levels. Plus, you can take a course in the comfort of your living room.

6. Working on OLX

Many women have local stores where they don't have to be present. They have a brother or any servant at the store to guide the customers. The women pick the cheapest but good items from OLX and sell them offline or on other online selling platforms.

You can even sell your store items on OLX. Lahore is the house of thousands of items sold on OLX under every category. If you live in a small city or town where there are fewer OLX users, you can buy cheap items from sellers in Lahore and put them on the OLX of your own city.

In this way, you can earn a handsome amount. Many women are working on this model.

7. Selling Homemade Food

If you search for "Biryani" on Google Maps, you will find some businesses like this "homemade biryani". Yes, not only women but men are also working in this field. There is no need to open a restaurant or rent a shop. 

Ladies can earn money through tiffin by cooking healthy and hygienic food and delivering it.

The tiffin service is the best one because most people live far away from their homes, so they can eat healthy and proper food through these services. If you live near a commercial area, you can find clients for lunch delivery.

The model of the tiffin service business is quite simple you can serve fresh and homemade food to people working in offices, schools, colleges, and other markets.

This will not only generate revenue for you but will also enhance your cooking skills.

8. Open a DARAZ Shop

You can open your online shop on DARAZ and start selling whatever you have. You may be an expert in making candles, baking cakes, doing embroidery, painting etc. You ca sell any items that people buy on DARAZ.

Woking on DARAZ is simple and easy. You can sign up for a seller account and display your items. All you have to do is market your business.

9. Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is basically a digital store without having to make a product yourself. The owners of the products or manufacturers will directly send the products to customers when they buy an item at your digital store.

You display the products of manufacturers. The customer buys the product online. Then you tell the original seller (manufacturer) to send the product to the given address. They send the product, collect the payment, and give you your commission. You can learn more about dropshipping here.

10. Work as a counselor /Adviser

Many people are looking for an advisor. The offline advisors and consultants charge a heavy fee. Moreover, people want someone who can guide them without making them leave their houses.

You can offer services like business advisers, students counselor, study abroad advisors, fitness advisors etc. All you have to do is to guide the people in right direction by telling them and explaining some technicalities that come their way. You can start Youtube channel for start up. See how much youtube pays in Pakistan.


All these businesses are unique and require a small amount of investment. Most businesses can be started on a small scale, and women can do this from home. You can specify a room for your small business and start from scratch.

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