Get paid to do homework of others - List of 8 websites

Remember how much you hated doing homework when you were younger? You may now hate it a little less because you can get paid to do homework for other people from the comfort of your own home (and behind your computer screen). 

So, if you have good academic skills, you can earn money by taking online assignments like homework, preparing projects, making presentations, etc.

8 Websites that Pay you for Doing Homework of Others

how to get paid for solving assignments and doing how work earn money
If this sounds like a great way to make some extra cash on the side, and if you have the brains for it, why not give it a shot? 

There might be many offline options available in your town. But we are listing online platforms which you can join to earn money by solving assignments and doing homework of others.

Earn money by Solving Assignments and Doing Homework

To get started, check out these 8 fantastic websites that pay you to do homework for other people! You will be get paid for every assignment you solve or any task you perform for your clients.

#1 School Solver

School Solver is a marketplace where students can get their school projects, assignments, and homework done. It is basically a platform where students and teachers can interact online. The students get 24/7 study support from expert teachers.

Students mention how much they can pay for the answer while asking a question. When you answer a question posted by a student, you will be paid each time when your answer is viewed by a student.

Key Requirements:

● Make yourself available to students at all times to answer their questions.

Salary: 15$ per hour (on average).

Sign up: Here

#2 24 Hour Answers

24HourAnswers is another good platform for those who want to earn online money by taking online assignments. It is specially focused on college homework help. 

Teachers and educationists can join this website to get paid for online tutoring, helping students with their homework, and submitting their publications. The students can take your tutorial classes, they can take your help in their homework, and they can access your academic solutions.

You can discuss your fee and other charges directly with the students. The assignments on 24HourAnswers are time-bound and you have to tell the students how much time an assignment can take.

Key Requirements:

● Have a bachelor's degree
● Excellent command of the English language
Salary: 13$ per hour (on average).
Sign up: Here

#3 Help with Assignment

HwA allows you to join the students willing to pay for the solution to their academic problems. As a teacher, you can join the website and earn a decent amount while staying at home. 

As a member, you will help the students in:

● Homework
● Tutoring via the internet
● Giving answers in HwA’s solution library
● Assignments  

Key Requirements:

To become one of their experts, you must meet the following requirements:

● Possess a Master's or PhD in the subject.
● Outstanding communication abilities.
● Proficiency in English
● Minimum two years of teaching experience  

Salary: $9.5 per page.
Sign up: Here

#4 Homework Market

If you are an expert in any field/subject, you should join this platform to earn money in return for helping the students. As an expert, you will have to:
  • Do homework of the client students
  • Proofread homework assignments
  • Answer specific questions

Key Requirements:

It is open to everyone. However, in order to be verified, you must include the degrees you hold.

Salary: Ranges between $5 – $20 per homework.
Sign up: Here

#5 Preply

Preply is a global platform for maths experts. The people who want a math tutoring job can join this platform. Working on Preply is very easy and flexible. You can set your own rates, tutoring hours, the grade etc. 

Simply saying that you can earn online while solving maths problems of the students.

Key Requirements

  • You must be a maths expert
  • You must choose a grade level to teach
  • You must have high-speed internet and an interactive board app

Salary: You can set you own rate per hour
Signup: Here

#6 OneClass

Apart from paying for students' homework completion through its Homework Help solution, OneClass also allows you to share your own study notes with other students enrolled in the same university courses as you. 

As a result, it allows you to earn money while doing your homework and attending class. No registration fee is taken. 

Key Requirements:

● Take detailed class notes
● Have the ability to upload them to OneClass
● Follow the OneClass program guidelines
● Homework help
● Subject specialization

Salary: $1.8 to $24 per subscription to your content
Sign up: Here

# Study Pool

Study Pool is a No.1 micro tutoring website where you can join as a tutor. The students submit their questions and all the tutors bid on these questions for providing an answer. 

Students carefully examine the profile, rating, reviews, and other stats about a teacher before accepting his/her bid. In this way, you land in a world of competition.

Key requirement

A decent Educational degree, usually up to master level.

Salary: 5$ - 20$ per answer
Signup: Here

#8 provides written homework solutions that are customized to each student's needs.

Once you join the website, you can begin earning money by assisting students with their problems. You can bid on projects by indicating your desired rate and an estimate of the grade you believe the student will receive as a result of your assistance. 

The best bids are displayed to the student so that they can choose which tutor to hire.

Key Requirements:

● Must have four years of university or college-level education with work experience.
● Strong English essay writing skills.
● Have a working knowledge of Word, PowerPoint, and other authoring tools.

Salary: Number of projects you've accepted with the agreed-upon price.

Sign up: Here


Teachers and subjects experts can earn online money with many options. You can either teach online, take microteaching classes, do homework of others, solve educational assignments etc. So, there are many websites that will pay you for these simple tasks.

You must be a qualified, experienced, and talented teacher. You can join any of these websites and get paid.

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