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Insider PK is a news and media website in Pakistan. We share all top stories in Pakistan and the world. Insider PK is also publishing on health, education, entertainment and science, and technology news from Pakistan and all over the world.

InsiderPK is playing it's part in national and international journalism. We also provide tips and suggestions for the people of various schools of thought. The news from top world leaders, heads of states, institutions, business tycoons, industries, showbiz, and trade etc are being published on a daily basis. Now the latest news in Pakistan and word can be read online here on InsiderPK.

Our brief history 

Insider PK was founded by Saif Ullah Zahid on February 29, 2020. It was started as a simple news website focussed on health, education, and technology news. But later on it started publishing political news and business news in Pakistan and worldwide. Now the website receives thousands of foreign visitors.

We are a team of dedicated, self-motivated individuals having much knowledge in our respective fields. We write on almost all topics now on InsiderPK.

What we offer 

We just disburse information and discussion on the latest topics that are current issues on both Pakistan level and international level. We offer all devices free of cost. We take news from various sources like TV channels, international and local media, other news websites and some from our own representatives.

We cover the news under various topics like agriculture, politics, business, technology, industry, trade, entertainment, showbiz, health, education, lifestyle and fashion.

Our vision

We are working for the following vision
"Everyone one the internet have access to all type of news and information worldwide"

Our mission statement

"Provide a platform for all in one news locally and globally"

What's special with us

Although we are publishing all hot issues and latest news and updates, we do have our nice article base that are all political and non-political. We share helpful tips, beauty tips, business tips, life tips, fashion tips, health tips and other things. People read about their favourite topics every day.
We also have nice articles written on various topics.

You can read our privacy policy and contact page to get more information about us.

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