Top 5 biggest mobile markets in Lahore with contact numbers

Technology is evolving day by day now mobile markets are at their peak. The mobile telecommunication center is rapidly growing day by day in Pakistan especially in Lahore.

Lahore is playing a vital and leading role in this regard. Almost 80,000 mobile sets are being sold across Punjab from the markets on daily basis.

Top 5 mobile phones/ IT markets in Lahore

The vibrant mobile markets of Lahore are always jam-packed with purchasers. There are numerous brands with many mobile phones offering multiple features. 

You can easily find national or even international mobile phones anywhere in Lahore.

The best and biggest mobile and IT shops in Lahore with phone numbers

Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, QMobile, iPhone, HTC, and OPPO are some of the important names in terms of mobile phones in Lahore.

These are the biggest mobile and IT markets in Lahore where you can buy wholesale of mobile phones and accessories.

The best and biggest mobile and IT shops in Lahore with phone numbers

Here we will tell you the top best 5 mobile markets in Lahore to visit when you need or want to sell a new mobile phone:

1. Hafeez Center

Hafeez center is known as the master of all the mobile phone markets. Almost everyone who visits Lahore may have visited this place to buy or sell a mobile phone. 

It’s the biggest and oldest market of mobile phones in Lahore. 

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Hafeez center is the best stop for any tech need. You can buy mobile phones of multiple brands from this amazing place. 

Second-hand mobile phones, brand new or repairing facilities are available here. Hafeez center is the most reliable and trusted name in terms of technology. 

Hafeez center is the biggest mobile market in Lahore with multiple phone products. One can get a good bargain as well there. 

The five-story building of Hafeez center has 1,000 plus shops of mobile phones and electronic accessories.

Phone Numbers:

Below is the list of some popular sellers at Hafiz Center:

1. ZI Computers: 0345-4252156
2. Computerino: 0302-9816055
3. Subhani Computers: 0300-4141972
4. Crystallites Technologies: 0300-4466151
5. Century Computers and Laptops: 0321-9444922
6. Hafiz Center Mobiles: 0333-8370637
7. Mobile Inn: 0301-8664445

2. Hall Road Market

Hall road is a big commercial market near the historic area of mall road in Lahore. Hall Road is the home of approximately 600 mobile shops in Lahore. 

Hall road is an extremely busiest area due to readily electronics and accessories. 

Moreover, it the biggest mobile phone market with a wide range of old and new mobile phones. 

The timings of shops in Hall road are around 11 am to 8 pm in the night. You can get a wide range of mobile phone brands at Hall Road, Lahore.

Phone Numbers:

Below is the list of some popular shops at Hall Road, Lahore:

1. Wasim Laptops: 042-37355896
2. Computer Care: 0334-4019562
3. Al Aqsa Computers: 042-37110012
4. Super Tech Systems: 042-37212727
5. Shalimar Computers and Laptops: 042-37358277
6. Mehmood Computers: 0345-4113314
7. Hall Road Mobile: 0301-4299930

3. Al Latif Center

Mobshopping is located opposite Hafeez center in Latif center Gulberg 3. It is the best shop for used mobiles at affordable rates. You can buy, sell and repair your cell phone from there. 

They offered the best and genuine products. 

They also charge the lower possible prices for mobile phones. They have mobile phones of multiple brands like Huawei, OPPO, Samsung, Qmobile.

Phone Numbers:
0324- 4545102

4. Faisal Mobile Market

A small market which deals in all mobile phones with accessories. 

You can buy and sell mobile phones there. Faisal mobile market is a good market adjacent to Hall road Lahore. It is in Block C1 Faisal Town, Lahore. 

There are many markets in Faisal mobile market which provide genuine mobile phones with a money-back guarantee.

5. Raja Market Garden Town

It offers 100% genuine and best quality mobile phones with a money-back guarantee. It covers all major brands including all ranges of mobile phones. 

The name of the shop is Shah jee mobile and computers which is in raja market Abu Bakar block garden town Lahore. 

They serve multiple brands in their shop like OPPO, Huawei, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo.

Phone Numbers:

1. Lumensoft Technologies: 042-11290290
2. Nazir and Co: 0300-8000081



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