Top 10 best cloth markets in Lahore with contact numbers

Lahore is considered as the hub of shopping because of the diversity of clothing bazaars available for general, special events, and wedding shopping. So, we have compiled here a list of top cloth markets in Lahore. YOu will find these best clothes shopping centers in various parts of Lahore. We have tried to give the contact numbers of every market.

You may learn about all the best and most affordable places to buy clothing in this article.

Top 10 cloth markets/shopping areas in Lahore 2023

top 10 biggest clothes markets in Lahore

A list of the best clothes markets in Lahore with contact numbers is given here. A brief description of every shopping center and cloth market is given along. It is so because you may want to understand which market offers the best clothes, branded and local clothes in Lahore. The list goes following.

1-      Anarkali Bazaar

You should head to Lahore's renowned Mall Road, Anarkali Bazaar, to find stunning bridal gowns or formal clothing for parties and other events. The bazaar, which is divided into ancient and new sections, also has stalls selling handicrafts, souvenirs, and a variety of ready-to-wear clothes for various occasions. 

The modern section of the bazaar draws the most customers, especially young ladies, and women, while the older part still has food vendors. Men's formal clothing is also available in Anarkali. 

Anarkali Bazaar is not only one of the best street marketplaces in Lahore, but it also has a 200-year history making it one of the oldest markets in all of Asia. In front of the Lahore Museum, it is situated.

Anarkali Bazaar Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of Anarkali clothes marketed located in Lahore:

042 37232728

2- Fortress Stadium

The Fortress Stadium is a well-known open area with clothing stores, eateries, cafes, entertainment venues, and a sports stadium. It can be found in Lahore Cantt. One of the busiest business districts in the city is Fortress Stadium. 

The Fortress Stadium is the hub of famous clothing brands where you can buy casual and formal clothing in one place.

Fortress Stadium Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of Frotress Stadium clothes marketed located in Lahore:

042 36623122
042 36674901
042 36684999
042 36623234
042 37028185

3-      Liberty Market

Liberty market is the biggest market of Lahore where you can find cheap and branded clothes. There are countless branded shops and stalls selling beautiful dresses of all occasions targeting both males and female also you can shop for children in Liberty Market. 

Shoppers will find countless variations of silk, lace, shoes, ready-to-wear, and other items at Liberty Market. You'll find a number of stores selling a variety of regional goods, including clothing, shoes, jewellery etc.

Liberty Market Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of Liberty Market located in Lahore:

0311 1110055
042 32500955
042 35712444
0323 0868685
0300 9403040
0304 4599788

4-      Ichhra Bazaar

If you want to purchase for your wedding on a tight budget, Ichhra Bazaar is one of the most affordable of Lahore's major street marketplaces. 

This market is quite crowded as a result of how reasonably priced it is. On the other hand, you can get some of the best discounts here on clothes, bedding, screens, sofa polish, covers, towels and garments for all.

It is regarded by many as the top substitute for Anarkali Bazaar. For both locals and visitors, Ichhra Bazaar on Ferozepur Road provides a variety of ethnic clothing options.

Ichhra Bazaar Market Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of Ichhra Bazaar located in Lahore:

0331 4246895
0324 4743400
0300 4425965
042 37426343
0313 4544773
0345 4132667

5-      Azam Market

Azam Market is one of the biggest cloth markets in Lahore. This market gets you closer to some of the oldest parts of the city. It is located between Delhi Gate and Lahore Fort. The market has a historical value. Formal and informal clothes, shoes, and fake jewelry are all available here at incredibly low prices. 

Before the partition, publishers and booksellers were located in Delhi Gate. After the subcontinent gained its freedom, they relocated to Urdu Bazaar. Azam Market is the busiest cloth market in Lahore. 

You can buy every type of cloth at wholesale rates. It is quite color-oriented due to its beautifully crafted and embroidered clothes displayed in shops. The market is best known for variety, quality, and rates all over Lahore division.

Azam Market Lahore Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of Azam Market located in Lahore:

0321 1499388
0300 8687878
0322 4353230
0310 4009130
0316 1474593
0309 4168262

6-      M.M Alam Road

Muhammad Mehmood Alam Road, often known as MM Alam Road, is one of Lahore's elite areas, it has so much to offer. This is also considered one of the most visited cloth markets in Lahore. People from all over Lahore enjoy going there constantly. Even visitors from abroad are fascinated by its beauty and services. 

It travels through Gulberg from Main Market to Firdous Market. The street is home to a wide range of eateries, fashion boutiques, shopping centers, beauty salons, and home furnishings shops. You will find the outlet of every famous brand in Pakistan. There are many wholesale dealers here who offer the best rates.

M.M Alam Lahore Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of M.M Alam Market located in Lahore:

0320 4127517
042 32084751
042 35751440
0333 2352405
042 35751030

7-   Karim Market

Karim block market is quite famous for its variety in baby, girl’s wear, men’s wear, shawls, undergarments, jackets and traditional suiting located in Allama Iqbal town. The people from all over the city visit this cloth market to buy variety of branded clothes at affordable price. This is the biggest cloth market in Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.

It is an economical and accessible market from all over Lahore. You can buy a variety of clothes and can find various factory outlets in the Karim block market for economical shopping.

Karim Market Lahore Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of Karim Market located in Allam Iqbal Town Lahore:

042 35295443
042 35427999
042 35418819
042 35419669
0331 4492622
0303 0000136
0336 9094695

8-      Panorama Shopping Center

The Mall Road in Lahore is where you'll find the Panorama Shopping Center. On two basement floors, it offers a selection of outfits for men to choose from. 

There are several stores in the Panorama Shopping Center's ground floor that sell lovely clothes to yellow gold jewellery for women. 

For an excellent shopping experience at a moderate price, many people go to Panorama Shopping Center every day. 

Panorama Shopping Center Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of Panorama Shopping Center located in Lahore:

042 36309166
0300 4180230

9-      Krishan-Nagar Bazaar

Krishan-Nagar Bazaar is located in the heart of Lahore in Islampura. It is the most pocket friendly and budget Bazaar of Lahore with most of the items related to females and children. 

You can find anything from newborn babies to branded and locally made women's clothing, shoes, sandals, jewelry, underwear, and cosmetics.

Krishan Nagar Bazaar Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of Krishan Nagar Bazaar located in Lahore:

0307 0929974
0321 9414206
0300 5545666
0342 4341008

10-      Y Block Commercial Area DHA

It is one of Lahore's largest and most well-known commercial areas and is perfect for upper-middle class and upper-class families as well as top class residents. This is one of the best cloth markets in Lahore. All popular brands have set-up their outlets here.

The Y block commercial area is home to various top-tier malls and brands that sell everything from clothing to household items. Due to its central location within DHA phase 3, this area is quite convenient to get access from anywhere in Lahore.

Y Block DHA Market Contact Numbers:

Here are the contact numbers of DHA Lahore Y-Block Market located in Lahore:

0314 2245927
0323 4457746
042 37186076
042 35741271
042 35692413
0321 2077751

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