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Insider PK is a news and entertainment platform based in Pakistan. The web is being operated from UAE. The people who visit Insider PK are advised to read carefully our terms and conditions below.

Privacy Policy 2020

Being an online business, Insider PK has to follow some terms and conditions for fair use of our online presence and to adhere to international privacy laws. We, therefore, are explaining here the policy we are following regarding our online usage of services.

Terms of Usage

Here in this policy, "we" means Insider PK and "you" means any one who use our online service or visit our website. The word "third party" refers to any other person or company that is related to our services.

Why a privacy policy?

Privacy policy helps you to understand how your private and personal information is collected and used. The policy is the total explanation of your consumer rights that apply to all online businesses. Moreover, this policy is the illustration of our affiliation with differrent partners like Google and other parties.

Which information we collect?

We may collect many types of your personal information. Generally, the following type of information is collected through your browser cookies and other methods.

  • Your email
  • Your geolocation
  • Your interests
  • Browser history

Sometime we may like to know your name and phone number etc when you contact with us. We may ask you to provide more information about yourself in order to provide you better services.

How information is collected.

If you do not even contact us, and when you access Insider PK, Google automatically stores cookies in your browser which help us to know about your interests, hobbies and services you use with Google account. In this way, you are shown relevant ads. The other methods of collecting your information include emailing, contacting through contact form, replying to your quiries. You can even manage your browser cookies to control the information being given to the websites.

How we use your personal information?

The sole purpose of collecting your information is to show you relevant ads. Anyhow other purposes include promotional emails, sending you latest news and updates etc. We use Google AdSense as advertising network. So, the privacy policy of AdSense also applies to you when you visit Insider PK.
As we follow all standard policies, you should also see the privacy policy of Google which is also one of our major media partners.

Now if you see, we will be updating our privacy policy according to the privacy policy of Google.

Your personal information is secure

Yes, we believe in keeping privacy. We will never share your personal information to any third party. All we guarantee is the security of your private information. We will not share your information to anyone unless you choose it to be public. Hence, by visiting this website, you agree to our terms and conditions. The information we collect is stored on our secure system and it cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person.

Note. This policy may change from time to time. You should keep abreast of all the changes we made in the policy.

You may contact us for further details or visit our about page to know more about us.

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