jazz double number on one sim code and method 2022

 Hey jazz users, I have a big news for you. You can now have a virtual jazz number on your regular jazz sim. It means you can have another jazz number on the sim you are currently using. Jazz double Up number is the amazing offer only for prepaid users.

Jazz Double number on single SIM

When you want to have a virtual number on you your Jazz+warid sim, you can do this by simply dialing a code. I have explained the method to use two numbers on single jazz sim. 

Please notes that you can have only one virtual number wit your current jazz number on the same SIM. You can make calls and send SMS from that number. You can also recieve calls and SMS on that number.

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How to get two numbers on one Jazz Sim

The process is very simple and easy. Here is how you can get two numbers on single jass sim.

1. Dial 4030 and select 1 to subscribe to the offer (OR you can send "Sub" to 4030 to subsribe the offer via SMS)

2. Dial 4030 and choose 0 to unsubscribe the offer (OR you can send "Unsub" to 4030 to unsubscribe the offer via SMS)

How it works?

When you dial 4030 from your current jazz number, or SMS "sub" to 4030, you are given a virtual number which you can use on the same sim card.

Please note that you cannot choose which number you want, Jazz will automatically give you a number and you have to use that number only.

How to use this number for calls and SMS

1. Making a call

When you want to make calls from your double number, you simply dial 88 before the number you are calling. For example, if you want to call 03024587382 you will dial 8803024587382. Your double number will be shown on the receiver screen.

Similarly, when someone calls on your double number, your mobile screen will show 88 before the original number, and hence you recognize that the call is coming on your double number.

2. Sending an SMS

When you want to send an SMS from a double number, you dial 88 before the original number to which you are sending the SMS. The receiver of the SMS will receive the SMS form your double number

Similarly, when you receive an SMS and it has 88 before the regular common number, you can understand that the message has been sent to your virtual number.

Important points

1. When you call or send sms from your virtual number, the balance will be deducted from your regular number account.

2. You call and send sms to any number in Pakistan including PTCL numbers

3. You cannot purchase a call package, SMS package or any offer on your double number

Jazz all packages codes 2022

Charges and Rules

1. The subscription fee is Rs 1.44 per day (daily Rs 1.44)

2. SMS charges are Rs 0.60 per SMS

3. Rs 0.72 (extra) will be charged per 30 seconds call along with regular call charges.

4. No extra cahrges for SMS.

5. Rs 0.60 is charged every time you dial 4030 or Send SMS to 4030

6. You can unsubscribe from double number any time by dialing 4030 and choosing 0

7. You can also unsubscribe the double number sending SMS "Unsub" to 4030

What you can do with this offer?

Suppose someone has blacklisted your number and you cannot make a call from your regular number, then you can take the double number for 1 hour and make call to that person

Suppose someone is not attending your call, you can make him/her call from your double number

Similarly, if you do not want your number to be leaked to others, you can call them from your virtual number.

Moreover, you can unsubscribe from the offer at any time and you will not charged after that.

I hope now you are clear and if you want any information, tell me in the comments.

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