7 real ways to earn money through games

Earning money by playing games in Pakistan can be a fun and rewarding way to make a living, especially if you are a gamer at heart. While it may seem like a dream job, it does require hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck to be successful. 

However, with the right strategy and mindset, it is possible to turn your passion for gaming into a profitable career.

Real ways to earn money with games

Here I have listed all possible and real ways to earn money by playing online games on your phone OR PC. You can earn money sitting at home. Online games can earn you money in Pakistan by many ways. You can withdraw your income from your local banks or digital wallets.

earn money by playing games at home in Pakistan

Scope of digital gaming as a career

Gaming has emerged as a career in Pakistan during recent years. With the entry of smartphones into our lives, we have left using TVs, cinemas, theaters, and other sources of entertainment. People spend more time on smartphones for entertainment. Many of them play games, watch game streams, learn how to play games, etc. 

In this sense, a gamer can earn money by testing games, publishing reviews on games, teaching playing games, live streaming games, playing and winning online tournaments, etc. Hence, as you can use one or more ways to earn money through games, you can earn as much as your want.

7 proven ways earn money through games

Gaming is not just fun, but also a decent career option. You can choose one or more of the following ways to earn money through games in 2023.

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1. Participating in tournaments and competitions

One way to earn money through gaming is by participating in tournaments and competitions. If you are skilled at a particular game, you can enter local or online tournaments and compete against other players for cash prizes.

This can be a great way to showcase your skills and earn some extra money, but it can also be quite competitive. 

Things to consider

To increase your chances of success, it's important to:
  1. Practice regularly
  2. Stay up to date with the latest strategies
  3. Always be on the lookout for new tournaments to enter
  4. Do more and more practice to enhance your skills

2. Online streaming gameplay

Another way to earn money through gaming in Pakistan is by streaming your gameplay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. This involves creating a channel and sharing your gameplay and commentary with your viewers. 

You can monetize your content through advertisements, sponsorships, and subscribers, and earn money based on the number of views and interactions you receive. 

Streaming can be a fun and creative way to share your passion for gaming with others, but it can also be time-consuming and requires a lot of effort to grow and maintain a dedicated audience.

How to stream gameplay online?

  1. Create a youtube channel or a Twitch channel. Twitch is better than youtube as it is a Games-specific channel. You can find your audience easily. While with youtube, you have to meet certain criteria for the monetization of your channel.
  2. Publish live streaming of your videos on your channel and share links on social media
  3. Earn money through sponsors, paid content promotions, or advertisements on your stream.

3. Testing Games

Game testing is another option for earning money through gaming. Many game companies are always looking for people to test their games and provide feedback before they are released. 

As a game tester, you can get paid to play and test new games, and help identify any bugs or issues that need to be addressed. This can be a great way to get your foot in the door of the gaming industry, but it is often a temporary position and may not provide a steady income.

You can join websites like Test IO to become a games tester. There are also some courses for games testers to enhance their technical skills.

4. Developing games

If you have the skills and knowledge, you can also consider creating your own games and selling them online or through app stores.

This can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but it can also be extremely rewarding and allow you to earn money from your own creations. 


To be successful in game development, it's important to have a strong understanding of programming, design, and marketing, and to be able to constantly innovate and improve your products.

If you don't have the knowledge and skills to develop a game yourself. Just share your idea with a developer and get your game developed by paying money. Once you have your own game, you can:
  1. Publish it on the play store and App Store and earn money through ads
  2. Sell your game
  3. Offer paid premium features
  4. Offer paid subscriptions to premium features
There are some online earnings apps in Pakistan that pay you for some tasks. You can earn money and withdraw trhough JazzCash and Easypaisa.

5. Offering games coaching and tutoring

You can also consider offering coaching and tutoring services to other players who want to improve their skills in a particular game. 

As a game coach, you can help players learn new strategies and techniques, and provide personalized guidance and support. This can be a great way to share your knowledge and experience with others, and earn money at the same time.

For this purpose, you can also create your youtube channel.

6. Write games reviews and updates

You can start a channel or blog to publish your reviews on different games. You can also share recent releases and updates from popular developers. 

It is hard to earn a decent income with this method because of extreme competition and low demand. But there are many bloggers and Vloggers who are earning thousands of dollars. You can go up in this field with your dedication and hard work.

7. Sell Gaming accounts and services

You can sell your premium and privileged game accounts. It takes hard work to pass certain numbers or levels in a game. Many people will buy those accounts who have passed that number of levels. 

It is just the same as creating and selling websites with a certain number of traffic. The games must reach a certain level to be eligible to play in big tournaments and competitions. They have no time and they want to buy the account that has already reached that level.

Another way to earn money through gaming is to play in paid competitions. Many people are looking for paid partnerships for online games. Maybe someone is lonely and he/she wants someone to group with him/her to play online games.

You can post this kind of service on Fivver, Upwork, social media or the internet.


In conclusion, there are many different ways to earn money by playing games in Pakistan. Whether you want to compete in tournaments, stream your gameplay, test new games, develop your own products, or offer coaching services, there are plenty of opportunities to turn your passion for gaming into a profitable career. 

Keep in mind that earning money through gaming can be competitive and may require a lot of time and dedication, but with the right approach and mindset, it is possible to succeed.

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