Online earning games in Pakistan withdraw jazzcash

With recent technological advancements, the ways to earn money have multiplied in more significant numbers. You may be surprised that apart from freelancing and e-commerce, you can also make money online by playing games – even in Pakistan. 

Most internet users still do not see that they are missing an easy opportunity to expand their earnings. Earning through games is the most convenient way to make money part-time. 

Online Earning games in Pakistan 2023

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start installing these games and enjoy free money.

online earning games in Pakistan

We have compiled a list of online earning games that are compatible with Android and iOS and allow players to withdraw their money in Pakistan. You can withdraw to a local bank, JazzCash, and Easypaisa accounts.

List of Online earning games in Pakistan 2023

In Pakistan, you can earn money by playing the following games:

1. Play and Earn

This app is recently launched to invite players from all over the world to engage in free giveaways. The amount of money it promises to give you spans from some rupees to $55 – approximately Rs. 1000 in PKR. 

How to earn money from Paly and Earn game?

The earning mechanism requires you to send referral links to your friends to earn coins in the app. You can later convert these coins into real cash.
  • There is not a single task that helps you make money through this app.
  • It has multiple exciting challenges to test your skills in making free money. They also give you coins if your friends join the app, making it doubly playful.

2. Gold Dominoes

Gold Dominoes is a widely-played game that pays players who win. It aims to develop competition among global players.

This game is developed by the Skillz gaming platform that arranges online multiplayer gaming tournaments in Gold Dominoes.

How to earn money from Gold Dominoes?

  • It basically features a virtual casino that gives you the opportunity to put your skills and luck into practice.
  • When you gather a certain amount of money in your account, you can withdraw your amount right away in Jazcash or Easypaisa.
  • The dominoes are played with to earn points which can be later converted into real cash.

3. Bitcoin Blocks

This app allows you to earn bitcoins – worth millions – without putting your money in the investment pool. It has a lot of fun in it, with a colorful and playful interface accompanied by exciting game levels and challenges.

It gives cash prizes seven days a week. You need to register yourself before playing the game. This app does not charge you any transaction fee upon withdrawal of money.

4. Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is a premier earning game available on Android and iOS. This game does not require you to pay any initial fee or ask you to buy a subscription.

They give cash prizes to players who join the game. The sole purpose of Big Time Cash is to expand its user base; they want to add more players to its gaming platform.

This game is unique because it features multiple exciting games in one application.

The game works on algorithmic probability to make people win and lose.

5. Bitcoin Pop

When it comes to games that help you win bitcoins, Bitcoin Pop rests at the top of the list.

You can participate in many exciting activities to win points and convert them into USD.

This game comes with a referral bonus that is added to your account whenever a person downloads the game through your referral link. Only bling points in the game can be turned into cash, to be withdrawn by players.

In order to withdraw your money, you need to create an account at

6. Rummy

Rummy is a multiplayer game of cards that has a large user base in which players compete with each other to win games. Each card can help you win points, which can be converted into cash when you reach a specific number.

Rummy is so interesting that people habitually play it now. It guarantees that every player is given an equal opportunity to play and win in competitions.

This app is currently available on Android devices, yet its fanbase is unbelievably huge. Withdraw your earning to Jazz cash or Easypaisa.


So, don’t waste your time. If you are looking for games that pay you alongside entertaining you, these games are a must for you. You can quickly increase your income by installing these profitable games that are being played by millions worldwide to make dollars and euros.

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