6 Ways to Earn money on YouTube 2023

There are several ways to make money on YouTube. Some methods require you to create your YouTube channel. 

You monetize your YouTube videos and channels. However ut there are ways you can earn money on YouTube without making videos. 

Ways to Make Money on YouTube 2023

How to earn money on youtube 2023

The most common way to make money on YouTube is by creating a channel and monetizing it. You are paid for ads on your videos. You can also earn good revenue apart from ads.

When you create a YouTube channel for earning purposes, you might only be thinking of ads on your videos. I have discussed here some other ways too. So, you keep reading below.

Create a YouTube brand channel

You need to learn practical ways to earn money with a YouTube channel. In fact, with some methods, you can earn more than what you earn from ads on your videos. 

For the readers of this post, you must turn your channel into a brand for monetizing it in many ways. A brand channel is key to success in earning huge revenue from YouTube.

Features of a Brand Channel

1. Catchy Username

The first and most important thing is your username. It must be easy to pronounce and memorable so that people won't be saying: I watched an interesting video, but I couldn't recall the channel name.

2. Value-driven content

Why people would spend their time on your channel if it's not kept them intrigued throughout? Your audience won't get bored if you upload engaging and valuable content. The key strategy is: “Always lead with value first.”

3. Video quality

Make sure to improve your video quality over time. Invest in a good camera and edit impressive thumbnails that catch the attention of the audience and they can't help but watch your content to the end.

4. Consistency

The key thing to make your YouTube channel is to post it with consistency. Uploading consistent content can help you grow your baby channel so your audience doesn’t forget you.

How to earn money with a YouTube channel

You are wondering how to make money from this huge platform. Look no further. Here are five strategies to earn from YouTube channels.

1. Youtube Partner Program

This is the most commonly known method to earn money from YouTube. Once you meet the basic requirements of 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 public watch time on your videos in the last 365 days, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

If you are accepted in YPP, you set up ads on your videos. You will be paid for ad plays on your video views. You need an AdSense account to link to your channel.

How much you can earn through YPP?

It depends on the number of views on your videos. The more videos you publish, the more views you get and the more money you make. Similarly, your single viral video can earn you hundreds of dollars. in a short time.
Apart from the number of views, your earnings depend on how much advertisers pay for an ad to play on your video. Sometimes you get $1-$5 for every 1000 views on your video. Sometimes it takes 2000 views to get you a dollar.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You just have to sign up for affiliate programs like Amazon Associate and in return, you get a custom and unique link that you can put in your description of your YouTube videos. 

You will earn a profit in your account for every sale made through the link you put in your description. Some common examples of products on which you can get commission are clothing, accessories, technology, and food items.

Youtube affiliate marketing

Top affiliate partners in Pakistan

Amazon, Daraz, AliExpress, ClickBank, Bluehost, Shopify, eBay, ShareASale etc are popular affiliate partners in Pakistan.

Whenever you review that product and recommend the product, the viewer buys and you make money. It is as simple as that.


3. Selling Physical and Digital Products

Selling physical and digital products on YouTube can give you proper control over your income. You can merchandise your products once your channel becomes more prominent. 

It requires hard work but is incredibly rewarding for your bank account. You can directly offer your products in your videos. 

What type of products you can sell?

It depends on the channel topic of your physical/online store. Either you make videos to sell the products or you offer the products according to your videos.

For example, the channels that publish student-coaching videos, sell paid courses, digital books, and online classes, etc. Those who teach how to earn money through games sell games, paid coaching etc.

Similarly, some YouTubers who make videos on video editing offer video editing services. Some guys who run a huge clothes store publish videos on new dress designs, trends, and arrivals to attract new customers.

4. Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium is another way to monetize your YouTube channel. Viewers join YouTube Premium with a monthly membership fee. Those who become premium YouTube members are not shown ads. 

Apart from an ad-free user experience, premium members have download options for all videos to watch offline.

The membership fee is distributed among the creators whose videos are viewed by premium members. 

5. Channel Memberships

You can offer paid memberships for your channel. Many creators publish members-only content which is visible to members of the channel. They enjoy badges, emojis etc.

Fan Funding is similar to Channel memberships as your viewers show support to your channel by posting super-thanks, emojis, super stickers etc purchased from YouTube. 

6. Brand Deals

Another example of making money from YouTube channels is creating videos for companies and brands in exchange for free products and for money.

youtube brand deals

One myth about this way is that you have to have a huge audience to work this out. A million views are not that attainable for people who are just starting. 

But Stats revealed that
 82% of the people are likely to follow the Micro influencer’s recommendation, which proves you don’t need to rely on the huge mega-influencers to advocate for your brand.
Hence you don't just need to worry about the view. Send emails to brands and companies to introduce yourself as a strategic video content promoter and get yourself hired.


So what you have learned are the 5 practical ways to earn money from a YouTube channel.
All you need to make it big on YouTube is hard work, determination, creativity, and belief in yourself just like any other job out there. So what are you waiting for?
Start to share your ideas, creativity, and hobbies and turn it into your dream job.

When you do this, you’ll put yourself on a fast track to making YouTube a part-time job that can eventually lead to full-time

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