Why AdSense earning decreased in Pakistan

In recent months, Adsense earning in Pakistan has dropped significantly. The bloggers who were earning $50 per day are reduced to $20-30 per day. This huge drop has many factors behind it. It has also dropped Page RPM.

By low RPM I mean that now bloggers are earning very less from the same number of pageviews on the website. This has happened due to various factors.

Why Adsense earnings have dropped in 2023 in Pakistan

I have listed some reasons why AdSense PAge RPM went down and why your AdSense earnings have dropped.

AdSense earning decreased in Pakistan low RPM

Although there are several other website-based reasons that decrease Page RPM, we will talk here about other factors that are outside the product.

Reasons for Low RPM and Low earnings in Pakistan

While these might not be true for every blogger, these are some common reasons why AdSense earning dropped in Pakistan in 2023.

1. High rate of Dollar

One main reason is the decline in the value of Pakistani currency. $1.00 was equal to Rs 150 in 2022 which has now reached 280 Rupees. The advertisers in Pakistan cannot afford such a high price. So, if they were willing to pay 0.05 for one click in 2022, now they are paying 0.03. This is why the earning in dollars are very low.

But if we see the overall scenario, things are quite the same. You were getting Rs 15000 for every $100 earned through AdSense. Now you are getting Rs 28000 for every $100. So, I think there is not much difference in Earning in PKRs.

2. Fewer advertisements

As the dollar has gone high in Pakistan, advertisers are running fewer campaigns. This might be due to the low-profit turnout in Ads campaigns. The advertisers have turned to physical advertisements like sign boards, banners, TV commercials, etc.

This might be a reason that we have got fewer ads, low competition, low bidding prices,s and low earnings.

3. Seasonality

Seasonality also causes less revenue. There are many Advertisements that are for a specific time. For example, colleges run admission ads when the students are free from annual exams. 

An educational website may get more revenue in the admission season due to a high load of relevant ads. There will be competition among the universities and colleges to get the best ad slot, increasing CPC and earnings.

4. International markets

There are some international events and trends that affect every country. There may b low competition for specific keywords due to many international evens like war, festivals, technological changes, etc.

You can see my other post on how to increase RPM if you want to get things tidy from your side.

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