SadaPay vs NayaPay - Pros and Cons

NayaPay and SadaPay are not banks. They both fall under the Electronic Money institutions (EMIs) category. Both are licensed with the State Bank of Pakistan under an EMI license. EMIs are non-banking entities that offer means of payment in form of electronic money. 

So, we should keep in mind that SadaPay and NayaPay are both EMIs that just offer digital money without keeping physical branches. They only operate through web applications or mobile apps.

SadaPay vs NayaPay comparison

SadaPay vs NayaPay comparison limits and fee

Both apps allow users to pay for goods and services through their smartphones. They also provide users with an easy-to-use interface, which makes them two of the most popular payment apps in Pakistan.

SadaPay is another mobile payment app that was launched in 2019 by a Pakistani company named SadaTech Pakistan Private Limited. 

This app has been introduced as an alternative to NayaPay, due to its more security features and easy-to-use interface.

Are They in Competition?

The rivalry between these two apps has been intense, but there is no clear winner as of now due to their differences in terms of features and workability. 

Both companies have been operating successfully. They have a large customer base and are expanding their business.

Are Both Legal in Pakistan?

Since their emergence, SadaPay and NayaPay have transformed mainly electronic money and online payments. Users are now moving to these apps for feasible online payment options. 

As far as we have analyzed, both apps are made legal in Pakistan by a license issued by the State Bank of Pakistan. You can read complete information about Easypaisa debit card.

Hence, there is no question of their legality. Both companies have been officially approved by the State Bank of Pakistan. It is your personal choice to choose either. Yet, we have brought this quick and intelligent comparison of both apps. It is up to you which suits you more.

SadaPay VS NayaPay: Comparing Both

Let’s quickly place both apps side by side and analyze:

1. Both are EMIs

Both are Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) that allow Pakistani customers to make payments on the go.

2. Physical/Virtual Debit Cards

Both apps offer you free virtual or physical debit cards to enable you to pay for goods and services online and also to withdraw money from ATMs. Needless to mention, SadaPay offers numberless debit cards – a uniqueness in card design.

3. Fee Relaxation

There are no hidden annual fees in both app. Both apps allow free IBFT transfers.

4. App Support

SadaPay is better than NayaPay because of its Live Chat Support, which allows you to get a response from a customer representative immediately.

5. Biometric Verification Fee

SadaPay charges you Rs. 120 PKR for biometric verification, whereas NayaPay offers free biometric verification at any branch of Meezan Bank Ltd.

6. Technical Compatibility

SadaPay is available for Android and iOS, while NayaPay is currently available for Android devices only.

7. Banking Security

Due to the fact that SadaPay offers a numberless card, its transactions are safer than NayaPay’s debit card, which is similar to a typical debit card issued by any bank in Pakistan.

8. Cash Withdrawal

SadaPay offers three free cash withdrawals in a month, whereas NayaPay charges Rs. 18.75 PKR per withdrawal.

9. Depositing Feasibility

SadaPay does not offer on-counter deposits, whereas NayaPay makes it easy by providing an accessible depositing facility at any branch of Meezan Bank Ltd.

Which One is Better for You?

We have presented a brief comparison of both apps, having analyzed them in detail from multiple aspects. As a matter of fact, there is not much difference between both apps. 

Yet, they are not altogether the same. You may find it hard to choose either app, but it is not so. You can now clearly understand the pros and cons of each app. It has now become easier for you to make a decision.


If we look carefully, they are more similar and less different. As for the significant differences, they are not really important. For example, it does not really matter in Pakistan if you own a Mastercard or Visa debit card because both are equally workable on famous brands and on online shopping platforms. 

They differ in card design which we think also does not matter much for Pakistani users because they pay less attention to design and more to functionality.

Therefore, we have made it easy for you to choose between SadaPay and NayaPay. They are officially legit apps that have been doing business for millions. So, decide for you now.

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