Top 10 Engineering Universities in Pakistan with ranking 2023

Are you considering a career in Engineering after completing 12 years of education, but don't know which university is the best fit for you? 

Check out this list of the top 10 engineering universities in Pakistan, ranked for 2023. Take a look at this list and make a decision about which university is best for you.

Top 10 Engineering Universities in Pakistan 2023

Top 10 engineering universities in Pakistan

This ranking is based on quality assurance, teaching quality, research, finance, and facilities. It is also based on community development, international collaboration, and industry development.

HEC Universities Ranking 2023

The following list describes the top 10 engineering universities in Pakistan.

1. National University of Sciences & Technology

But here we will discuss Pakistan's top 10 engineering universities according to HEC ranking 2023.

Pakistan's Top Engineering Universities Ranking 2023

Here are top 10 best engineering universities in Pakistan.

 1. National University of Sciences & Technology

The National University of Sciences and Technology is a public research university, established in 1991, with its main campus in Islamabad. Other campuses are located in Rawalpindi, Quetta, Karachi, and Risalpur. 

NUST HE C Ranking top Universities in Pakistan

This university is known for its School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME) which is the most competitive engineering school in Pakistan.

NUST is the most popular choice for engineering students. HEC (Higher Education Commission) ranked NUST as No. 1 in Pakistan in the engineering category and at globally #160 as per QS world ranking by subject 2023.

NUST has collaborated with industries and organizations to provide aid to industrialization in Pakistan.

2. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences  (PIEAS)

PIEAS Pakistan University HEC ranking

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences is a public research-based university, located in Islamabad. It was established in 1997. 

PIEAS is affiliated with PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission), HEC, and PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council). 

It is ranked #390 in the QS World Ranking 2023. PIEAS offers BS, MS, and Ph.D. degree programs in various engineering fields and other physical sciences. 

A significant number of fellowships are provided for postgraduate students, which enhances the institution's reputation. This university provides students with residential facilities.

3. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology

GIKIEST University KPK HEC Ranking 2023

The Gulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology is a private research university, established in 1993, located in Topi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

This institute is named after Beaurocrate and the President of Pakistan Gulam Ishaq Khan.

This university has been ranked number 2 by HEC in quality education.

GIKI is one of the top institutions that demands extraordinary academic capabilities and strong financial footing to get accommodation. 

Pakistani scientists, Dr. Abdul Qadeer and Shaukat Hameed Khan are among the founding members of this top-ranked, finest science and engineering college. 

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Admission to this university is based on an entry test. This university offers programs in BS in engineering sciences, MS, and PhD in applied physics and mathematics.

It offers programs in modern fields like laser, nanotechnology, and microelectronics which is a need of the 21st century. In short, this university provides multi-disciplinary research that links industry and academia. 

If you are looking for the best place to pursue your dreams and passions, GIK Institute should be at the top of your list. 

4. NED University of Engineering and Technology

Top 10 Universities in Pakistan NED University Sindh

NED University of Engineering and Technology is one of the oldest and best engineering universities in Pakistan, established in 1921. 

There are four campuses of the university, the main campus (Karachi), the city campus, the LEJ campus, and the Thar campus. 

This university offers programs in engineering, science, and architecture and other diploma courses to enroll in after intermediate. 

It is best known for its teaching faculty but different research centers and groups are also working in NED. The university publishes its three research journals in different research aspects. 

It has also established NED Academy which provides professional training to its researchers. 

 5. Air University Pakistan

AIR University Pakistan HEC Ranking of top Universities

Air University is a multi-campus university with its main campus in Islamabad and two functional campuses in Multan and Kamra. 

It is a public research university in Pakistan, established in 2002 to provide quality education in science and technology. It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom.

Its faculty of engineering offers programs in telecommunication, mechatronics, electronics, and biomedical engineering. 

It has collaborated with NCP (National Center of Physics) and the National Institute of Vacuum and Technology. 

It has maintained laboratories for research and training purposes. HEC has ranked Air University among the 10 best engineering universities in Pakistan.

6. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore 

UET LAhore ranking of Engineering universities in Pakistan 2023

UET Lahore is one of the oldest and public research universities in Pakistan. It is located in Mughal Pura, an urban area of Lahore, and was established in 1921. 

Its sub campuses’ are in Narowal, Kala Shah Kala, Faisalabad and Wazirabad. Its teaching faculty comprises 741 people including 14 international faculty members. 

Its Faculty is awarded with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, and other HEC Best Teachers awards. It has been ranked #801-1000 by QS World Ranking 2023. It has a ratio of 300 doctoral students. 

7. Institute of Space Technology

Institute of Space Technology Pakistan

The Institute of Space and Technology is a public research-based university that provides education mainly in aeronautics, aerospace engineering, avionics engineering, and the study of astronomy. 

It was established in 2002, located in Islamabad. It is one of the top institutions ranked by HEC. It is ranked #765 by QS World Ranking 2023. 

Icube-1 is the 1st miniaturized satellite built by the Institute of Space and Technology in 2013. It was launched with the aim of imaging space dynamics and various other fields, which was a great success in itself. If you want to proceed with your career in astronomy, then IST is the best choice for you. 

8. University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar

UET Peshawar Engineering Universities in KPK

Formerly known as NWFP, the University of Engineering and Technology is a public university located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

According to Times Higher Education world ranking 2023, it is ranked #801-1000th in the worldwide. It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom. 

UET Peshawar has four other campuses which are in Kohat, Abbottabad, Bannu, and Jalozai. 

Many research centers are working in UET Peshawar based on research areas including mining techniques, mechanical engineering, and design of earth quake-resisting structures.

9. University of Engineering and Technology Texila

UET Taxila HEC ranking 2023

UET Taxila, officially recognized by HEC, is located in Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a public research university established in 1978. It offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in engineering and computer science.

The most fascinating thing about UET Taxila is its TITE (Textile Institute of Transportation Engineering which aims to provide low-cost educational and professional training to highways and motorway engineers to improve transportation.

10 . Textile Institute of Pakistan

Textile Institute of Pakistan is a private institution located in Karachi. It was established in 1994 by the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) to overcome the gap between industry, low skill levels, and low literacy in the job market. 

Textile Insitute of Pakistan

The main purpose of this institute was to provide professionals with training that honed their skills in the best way.

It is also affiliated with HEC. And the total enrollment of students is 500. This institute offers BS programs in textile and manufacturing management, textile design technology, and also in fashion design management.


Ultimately, what determines your success is the amount of confidence, hard work, and potential you put into your chosen field. 

No matter which university you select from the top engineering institutions, approach your career with passion and a sense of purpose to serve both your institution and your country. 

Don’t forget to always strive for excellence, which is the ultimate success.

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