Education: Class and grade system in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country. It has a system of education inherited from British rule in India. So, the Education system in Pakistan is not as efficient as it is in developed countries. 

I have given here the details of what system is followed by Pakistan to educate its citizens.

education system in Pakistan

Education System of Pakistan

In Pakistan, the whole education system is divided into six levels. All six levels are explained below:

1. PreSchool level

This is the first level of education in Pakistan. The child age 4 years or above is directly admitted to this level for the first time in his schooling.

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The child learns basic alphabets, recognition of objects and their names, and interpersonal skills. The basic General knowledge, numbers, and the alphabet are taught in this level. 

In some good schools, children learn to make and read words and do basic calculations and learn how to write at this level.

education system pre school in pakistan

In Public schools, the duration of preschool is 2 years while in the Private sector, some good schools keep the children in the Preschool section for 3 to 4 years to make a sound base of a child's educational career.

Note: in Public schools, this level is also called Kachi Class. There are also stages with annual progress at this level.

2. Primary Level

The primary level consists of 5 years duration of education with grades 1-5 with an annual promotion system to the next level on the basis of in-house assessment. The children who pass this level are usually 10-12 years of age.

3. Middle Level

This level consists of 3 years. The students who pass the primary level (or 5th grade) are admitted to grade 6. Then they pass grade 7 and then grade 8 and hence they pass the middle level. 

The 8th class (or 8th grade) is the last grade of the middle level. The children who pass this level are usually 13-15 years of age.

pakistan eudcation class and grade system

4. Secondary School Level

Consisting of 2 years of education, at this level, students pass grade 9 and grade 10 (or 9th class and 10th class). 

This level is also called Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or matric in Pakistan. The students who pass this level are usually 16-18 years of age.

5. Higher Secondary School Level (HSSC)

This level has also 2 years of education. The students pass class 11th and class 12th (or grade 11 and grade 12). This level is also called the intermediate level in Pakistan. based on the subjects students choose in this level, it may also be called FA, FSc, ICS, or I.Com in Pakistan.

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6. Degree Level

After passing the HSSC level, the students take admitted to a University in any degree program. The duration of this level is 4 to 6 years. The students get a Bachelor's level and then Master's level degree in any discipline.

M.Phil, Ph.D., and Post-Doctorate Degree

In Pakistan, students having a master's degree in any program can do M.Phil and then PhD in that subject. Ph.D. is the highest level degree awarded by any university in Pakistan.

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