Top 10 best educational websites in Pakistan 2023

Education has been a wide scope niche in Pakistan. Students and teachers constantly search educational resources like notes, textbooks, guide books, literature advice, educational tips and career counseling.

So there should be a list where all top educational websites in Pakistan should be given in ranking order. 

That's why I have published this list of top educational websites in Pakistan.

Top 10 educational websites of Pakistan

List of best educational websites for students in Pakistan

Because of the internet, no job in the world is difficult anymore. If you want to study at home, many websites on the Internet offer you this facility. 

List of best educational websites for students in Pakistan

The list is not according to Google ranking. The list is ordered according to the scope, popularity and material present on the websites. 

If you want to get information related to education, you can find complete information about the websites working on the internet here. The names of these websites are as follows:

1. Ilm Ki Dunya

This website is the most used website. Leading scholars and teachers in Pakistan use this website. 

This website provides a wide range of facilities including course notes and guidance on any subject. It also provides quiz papers etc.

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2. Zahid Notes

Zahid Notes is a large website in Pakistan where you can find all kinds of articles that provide complete information about courses of different departments. 

This website provides Notes, Guess papers, Paper Schemes, Textbooks, Paper Patterns, Tests, and Date Sheets about different subjects.

3. Kitaab

The Kitaab is a book publishing store where different people can publish their books. 

Anyone who writes their book and wants to publish it online can do so easily through this website. 

If you want to write an online novel, poetry book, cookbook, or graphic novel, So you can use this website.

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4. Pak MCQs

If anyone wants to test their knowledge, they can do so by giving a quiz on this website. 

This website has MCQs related to each field like current affairs, Islamic studies, and general knowledge.

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5. Gotest

This website also provides a lot of facilities. It provides Education News, Latest Test, Aptitude Test, Subject Wise Test, MDCAT, ECAT Test, NAT Test, GAT Test, CSS Exams, FORCES Test, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs.

6. EduVision

It is the largest website in Pakistan that provides information on program finalization, job search, and online counseling about college. It also published the latest college and university admissions and results. 

Eduvision is best known for career counseling, scholarships and educational news. The website also provides guidance and detailed information of scope of various fields.

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7. Instutor

Pakistan has the largest website which offers online tuition for all courses. It offers paid and free online courses and tuition. 

They have expert and best teachers to teach you online. The students register on the web or Android app and start taking classes.

8. Sabaq PK

This is the first website in Pakistan to offer free and organized video lessons. This website has video lessons related to each subject in each class. 

For example video lecture of ninth class physics subject video of ninth class chemistry subject and much more.

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9. Sutdysols

This website provides Admission Notice, Date Sheet, Scholarships, Exam Results, Entry Test, CSS Model Paper, Gas Papers, Education Notice, and Merit List.

10. Profession Corner

Profession Corner is an emerging website that publishes Notes, Guess papers and helps in Scholarships.

It also offers study tips, notes, pdf books and paper patterns. It mainly focus on federal board and KPK bard and Sindh board.

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