Problems of hostel life that students face

The essay tells you the issues and challenges of hostel life. What issues and problems the hostel students face and we have given a solution to every problem. The problems of hostel life are listed below. 

Common problems That Hostel Students Face

issues and challenge of hostel students and solution

Hostel life is not easy at all. It gives you freedom. However, freedom always comes with responsibility. Hostel students face many problems. That is why students usually hesitate to join hostels. But this is undeniable that a student has to relocate to another city for the continuation of his studies. Particularly, for graduation, a student is most likely to travel to any other city if he belongs to a smaller city or town. In underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, hostels do not offer a good atmosphere for living. For this reason, hostel students get exposed to many issues.

If you ask somebody what are the problems that hostel students face, he might make you a list of countless issues. However, this article will help you make your mind if you are now bound to join hosted. It will describe the difficulties of living in a hostel and the ways to avoid such problems to the possible extent.

1. Unhygienic Food

The most important issue that hostel students face is the unavailability of quality food. A hostel usually has a mess in which students have to pay for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a month. These charges are mostly paid in advance. However, the quality of food offered in the hostel messes is not so good. Some students even fall ill at the beginning of their hostel life. This issue is the most serious and frightening for students. Some prefer eating at cafeterias outside the hostel. This increases their expense of living. The best way to deal with it is by knowing how to cook. Before joining a hostel, try to learn cooking. Also, bring some necessities of the kitchen with you. It would help you.

2. Financial Crisis

Hostel students are usually given a limited amount of money by their families for passing time in the hostel. Only a few of them have more-than-enough financial resources which they can use to fulfill their needs. During the hostel life, students are not apt to manage small amounts of money. They spend it without keeping a check on their expenditures. This causes a financial crisis. Sometimes students even do not have money to buy food or any other necessity of life. Moreover, it also leads to embarrassment in gatherings. That is why a student must know how to make better use of a little amount of money. So that he will not have to worry about the emptiness of pocket.

3. No Routine

Since hostel students are free to do things, they start lacking a proper routine. The lack of routine is another issue that hostel students face. While exercising their freedom, they forget that they must have a routine to follow. This problem creates bad effects on their personality and even studies. For not having a routine, they do not do things on time. In some cases, they even develop the habit of awakening until midnight. In this way, lack of routine disturbs their academic and social life. A student, therefore, ought to follow a routine to be successful at the end of hostel life. He must avail the free-time to get fruitful results.

4. Laziness

The third important issue is of a physical and psychological nature. When hostel students fail to have a proper routine, they start becoming lazy and drowsy. It is usually seen that hostel students sleep untimely. They lack punctuality. They have no exact time for eating, sleeping, studying and carrying out other activities. In this way, laziness takes control of their mind and body. And this laziness does not let their minds to think creatively and their bodies to work energetically. This leads to the failure of many students in exams. Therefore, a hostel student ought to be energetic and enthusiastic. He must set some aims and start striving for.

5. Short-Travel Issues

Traveling issues are common with every hostel student. It does mean to travel for long distances. Rather it is meant to say that hostel students face problems if they have to travel to someplace in the city. Usually, they are the students who have come from other cities and have no vehicle for traveling on shorter distances. In their cities, students have motorbikes and even cars to travel. However, in hostels, they have no convenient option for traveling to any place. They also feel ashamed in front of their local friends and also miss many events due to this issue. We recommend hostel students to keep a bike or motorbike to use it for personal needs of traveling.

6. Dressing Issues

Hostels are designed to ensure living for academic and professional reasons. Therefore, they fail to provide you everything that you get in your home. Another issue that hostel students face is the unavailability of proper space for dressing. Hostels do not necessarily have mirrors, irons, hangers or even proper cupboards, although it varies from hostel to hostel. Students who are conscious about their dressing may find it difficult to live in the hostel because they do not always find the right place for changing clothes, ironing dresses or hanging dresses. Therefore, we advise you to compromise on such issues instead of panicking at it. Since a hostel is, after all, a hostel, not a home.

7. Bad Roommates

Hostel rooms are usually allotted to two or multiple individuals. Separate rooms are quite difficult to get. It is usually said that a man is known by the company he keeps. This saying is proven during the hostel life. The people you are sharing your room with always have an impact on your life. If they are lazy, you are most likely to be lazy. If they are studious, you can be a good student. In this way, roommates have an influence on each other. Therefore, a student ought to learn the good habits of his or her roommates and not to take his bad habits. He must try to develop a positive relationship of cooperation, understanding, and trust with his roommates.

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