Top ten best cosmetics (makeup) brands in Pakistan

Cosmetic products cover a wide range of lip liners to beautiful fragrances, hair splashes, and much more. Pakistan has a lot of cosmetic brands that are giving the best quality products.

The beauty industry is flourishing in PAKISTAN. So, I have listed the best top10 makeup brands in Pakistan. These are affordable makeup brands with prices. So, let us have a look at the list of best affordable cosmetics brands in Pakistan 2023.

Top 10 famous cosmetic brands in Pakistan 2023

best makeup brands in Pakistan 2023

Pakistani markets have multiple cosmetic brands. But when it comes to quality and class; there are 10 best cosmetic brands in Pakistan mentioned below:

1. Mac

Mac is considered one of the best cosmetic brands in Pakistan. Mac was established by Frank Angelo. Mac has a wide range of beauty products. Mac targets the needs of all classes created for diverse clients. 

It is the best beauty product to be used every day or on formal occasions. Mac items have become trendsetting in a very short period because of their durability and reliability.

2. Revlon

Revlon is known for its diverse range of lipsticks and other makeup products. Customers trust Revlon to the beyond. Revlon hair and nail hues are the most prominent and purchased products. 

Revlon provides original beauty products to empower and inspire women. Revlon has ravishing hair colors, amazing fragrances, and a wide range of beauty products.

3. Maybelline

Maybelline is also one of the best cosmetic brands in Pakistan. Women, love to utilize the results of this brand. The items of the Maybelline help ladies to look pretty and truly stands out among others. Maybelline is a one-stop solution for all beauty needs.

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4. L’Oréal

L’Oréal’s results are the top choices of clients. It is the most utilized brand in Pakistan. L’Oréal offers a complete package of makeup products to trendy bag essentials. 

L’Oréal products can make you feel on top. They offer multiple shades of lipsticks, ideal nail colors, and flawless foundations to steal the show. You can find your perfect beauty care product there.

5. Clinique

Clinique cosmetic brand is prescribed by a dermatologist that draws the attention of clients towards this brand. Clinique offers cosmetic products for all types of skins. Clinique has high-performance moisturizers for every skin type.

Their anti-aging creams will make you look younger. They have smart and simple skincare products for men also who want to look best.

6. Avon

Avon is also the best cosmetic brand that starts in 2013. Avon offers its products in more than 140 nations. Avon is giving tough competition to its competitors. Avon's bestselling products are big-volume Mascara, Avon matte lipstick, and supreme advanced crème.

7. Covergirl

Covergirl is an American-based brand serving in Pakistan as well. The beauty products of cover girl have been utilized by common individuals as well as by renowned VIPs also.

The items of cover girl are just not the best in quality but are best in terms of reasonable prices too.

8. Urban decay

Urban decay was established in 1996 and it is one of the renowned cosmetic brands in Pakistan. Urban decay is the 8th best cosmetic brand in Pakistan. 

Urban decay serves the best quality and reliable beauty products. From long-lasting foundation to lipsticks all kinds of makeup products are available to enhance your beauty.

9. Oriflamme

Oriflamme was built in 1967 by two Swedish siblings. The best product of this brand is its healthy skin items. Oriflamme offers a wide range of beauty items with natural ingredients in them. 

Whatever your skin type is their huge range of skincare items are just made for you.

10. Etude

Etude is a South Korean brand that has risen in many nations in a brief time. This brand has to turn out to be an exceptional brand due to the result of its cosmetic items. 

Their double-lasting foundation is the best-selling product in Pakistan. Their packaging is always creative and when it comes to the quality of their cosmetics they never disappoint their customers.

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