8 best picnic and family entertainment places in Lahore

Lahore, being the cultural hub of Pakistan offers its residents a wide range of recreational options to choose from. The people around the corners of the world visit Lahore for business and entertainment activities. 

So, the people who visit Lahore for recreational purposes with families, want to know about the best family places in Lahore.

Best picnic spots and family amusement points in Lahore

Best picnic spots and family amusement points in Lahore

We have listed down some picnic plates at Lahore where you can spend some quality time with and friends and family. Here is the list of best family entertainment and picnic points in Lahore.

1. Lahore Safari Zoo

Lahore Safari Zoo known as woodland wildlife park is one of the most recreational picnic spots in Lahore. It is located on safari road, it covers about 242 acres of land and experienced many visitors every day. 

Despite the safari tracks Lahore zoo safari holds an amusement park that is popular among children. The lake inside also offers its visitors to enjoy fishing and boating.

Lahore Zoo is one of the top and best picnic points in Lahore. People came here with their family, friends and, children and spends some quality time together. 

Moreover, the administration of the park has also established a first aid center within the park to ensure the safety of visitors and animals. The timings of the safari zoo are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

2. Shalimar Garden

Shalimar garden is the most attractive tourist place in entire the Punjab. Shalimar garden is located within a short distance of the walled city Lahore and it is known for beautiful fountains and landscaped lawns. 

The people enjoy some quality time with their families on weekends. They enjoy the beautiful and calming environment of the garden. 

This is one of the most popular picnic spots in Lahore. It is spread over 16 hectares of land. The timings are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

3. Jallo Park

Jallo Park is a must-visit place in Lahore. It covers an area of 460 acres. Jallo park is the biggest wildlife park in Lahore city. It is also a famous landscape for photography.

Some of the attractions from a picnic point of view include a beautiful lake, a huge aquarium, mesmerizing garden tennis, and basketball courts, a theme park swimming pool, and a cycling track.

If you are looking for a picnic point in Lahore, then planning a trip to Jallo Park is one of your best options to be considered.

4. Sozo Water Park

The Sozo water park is the best place to beat the scorching heat of summers while enjoying quality time with your family. 

The Sozo water park is located at canal bank road and offers all the facilities and attractions one can think of. It has a separate area for women and children.

A most important attraction of this place includes racer slide, river, free-fall slide, wave pool. The timings are 10:30 Am to 5:00 pm.

5. Badshahi Qila and Mosque

Bashahi mosque is one of the famous and historical places in old Lahore, best for a picnic. Qila and mosque both are attractive places for tourists and worth seeing. 

It is the best place to see the Islamic building style. It is an incomparable mosque, famous for its incredible size. It is a must place to visit in Lahore.

6. Jinnah Garden

Jinnah garden is known as Bagh-e-Jinnah Garden. It is also called the Lawrence garden. It is the oldest garden of Lahore with the perfect blend of nature, heritage, culture, and entertainment.

It is situated at Mall Road, Lahore. It is a hub of entertainment that includes cricket grounds, playgrounds, cycling tracks, open-air theatres, and restaurants. If you love the scenery, then this is the most attractive picnic place to go with your loved ones.

7. Rana Resorts

Rana resort is located at the edge of Lahore. Due to its popularity among visitors, it is in the top picnic places in Lahore. 

This resort and wildlife park draw many visitors daily and it is particularly famous among families. This place provides its visitors with a relaxing environment and beautiful environment.

It has the latest amenities with a bonfire area, swimming pools, horse riding facilities, and a barbecue area. You can also book a room in a resort for a night's stay. The timings of the resort are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

8. Jilani Park

Jilani Park is also known as racecourse park.it is one of the attractive picnic spots in Lahore. It is located at jail road, Lahore. 

It is famous for its exhibitions and waterfall. It is one of the good picnic places for families. It has various entertainment activities like sliders, swings, waterfall, café, and several grassy grounds.

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