Top Technology projects initiatives by Imran Khan Govt

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has initiated many programs directed at the aim of introducing the latest technology to the public of Pakistan. We will share the top 4 tech initiatives launched in 2021 so far.

Important Technology projects making a Digital Pakistan

best technology initiatives in pakistan by Imran khan govt

Imran Khan government has moto of making Pakistan a digital state. Imran Khan has been stating, again and again, to bring up the latest technology in Pakistan. The use of technology in governance, education, health, agriculture, and all other fields. 

Technology Brings Money

Why technology is so much important for a country? It produces and enhances e-commerce, telecommunication, and trade. If a country produces Tech gadgets and products, it can export them. Wide and cheap accessibility of the internet encourages freelancers. In short, technology is part and parcel of a country's economy.

The list of Technology initiatives by Imran Khan Government

The following initiatives have been taken by Imran Khan's government in the technology sector.

1. Hunza IT Park

Prime Minister laid the base of Hunza’s first IT Park in Nasirabad, Hunza. The IT Park will strengthen collaboration between SCO, AKF, and other Aga Khan Development Network agencies.

The common goal of this IT Park is achieving long-term socioeconomic development in Gilgit Baltistan through reliable internet and telecom infrastructure.

How IT Hunza park is beneficial for the country?

It will empower the region's youth to prepare for a digital-driven future of employment opportunities in areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and other future scopes. 

The Business Process Outsourcing services and global software applications from such IT Parks will increase local economic development in the areas.

2. E-governance

Imran Khan launched the National Highway Authority (NHA) e-governance strategy which comprises billing, e-bidding, and GIS Mapping. He said that it would help fight corruption. He has plans to shift other departments to e-governance also.

What is E-governance?

E-government is the digitization of intra-government operations and processes to achieve a paperless and efficient environment, as well as the digitization of government services for citizens and businesses to improve delivery.

How E-governance will benefit Pakistan?

E-governance initiative will benefit Pakistan in the following ways:

● More efficient government management
● Less corruption in the administration
● Increased transparency in administration
● Decreases paperwork and red-tapism in the administrative system
● Enhances efficiency of government services
● Improved interactions of govt. with industry and companies.
● Citizen empowerment through access to information

3. Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

PM of Pakistan unveiled the first electronic voting machine (EVM) in May 2021. The machines are being developed using indigenous technologies and according to the specifications of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

What is the electronic voting machine (EVM)?

An electronic voting machine (EVM) is the equipment used to record votes. The EVM's control unit is kept with the polling officer, and the balloting unit is kept inside the voting compartment. They are not powered by electricity.

How EVM initiative is beneficial:

Minister of PTI said that the new EVM was user-friendly and simple for voters and polling staff, and it would exclude the chances of rigging because it can not be bugged or hacked because it would not have an operating system and would not be connected to the internet. 

Furthermore, he stated that the new EVM would provide complete data on the polled votes for an audit in the event of an election dispute.

4. Blended e-learning

The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has established a blended-e-learning project in keeping with Prime Minister Imran Khan's aim of using technology in education.

What is blended e-learning?

Blended learning is a hybrid method that aims to reimagine the traditional classroom setting. It's a blended learning system that combines technology with traditional instructor-led classroom activities by creating a digital learning environment.

There is a significant potential that more Pakistani children will benefit from it, particularly in unusual circumstances like these.

Benefits for teachers :

Blended E-learning provides the following benefits to the teachers:

● Enhanced communication
● Tracking students’ performance
● Edtech knowledge

Benefits for students:

Blended E-learning provides the following benefits to the teachers:

● Learning Effectiveness
● Improved Retention
● Peer Support

5. Roshan Digital Account (RDA)

Roshan digital account is one of the major initiatives launched by SBP in collaboration with commercial banks in Pakistan to encourage the diaspora to invest their savings in the development of their home country. 

For millions of non-resident Pakistanis, including Pakistan Origin Card (POC) holders, the accounts provide banking solutions such as payments and investment opportunities.

Key features of RDA:

● Open a saving or current account in PKR or other foreign currencies ( USD, EUR)
● An account can be financed through foreign remittance
● Access to a variety of wealth management and profitable products
● Pak Rupee denominated accounts, under Conventional Banking and Islamic Banking, with interesting investment opportunities, such as Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates and the bank's term deposit products/Riba Free Certificates.
● Account will be opened within 48 hours after documentation and formalities.

Eligibility criteria for Roshan Digital Account

The following people are eligible to open a Roshan Digital Account:

● Non-Resident Pakistani
● Workers or officers of the Federal or Provincial Governments posted in any foreign country in the tax year
● Foreign Nationals who have Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

To get detailed information about Roshan digital account scheme, visit:
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