8 effective tips to maintain healthy and strong hair

Maintaining healthy and strong hair is not only a challenge for women but also for men. I have given here the 8 top and effective tips to make and maintain your hair healthy and strong.

how to stop hair fall and make your hair smooth, healthy and silky

Why healthy and strong hair?

In this progressing and fast-moving world, almost every person is running with the flow of time. Nobody has time to maintain their health and body, which has caused many health issues in people. One of those issues is the falling of hair. This loss of hair can be permanent and temporary considering the conditions you are in.

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The major causes of hair loss could be depression, an unhealthy diet, getting less sleep, etc. These reasons result in people losing their hair and sometimes thickness in hair.

In men, this problem of hair loss sometimes leads to permanent baldness and sometimes it can be controlled using different medications like Biotins and herbal remedies, etc. One of every ten men is bald these days in every part of the world. In some people, this baldness is due to genetic hereditary. These people are bald because of their family genes, which result in their baldness. But some men have no genetic history of baldness but they start losing hair, and if they don't control it they lose it permanently resulting in permanent baldness.

But in the case of women, these problems are a little extreme due to their possessiveness regarding their beauty. Women usually have long hair and their hair ratio is more than men. Due to long hair, women need to maintain and care for their hair so they don't get hair fall. In women hair loss is due to different reasons like pregnancy, depression, stress due to work, etc.

How to maintain, silky and smooth hair?

Women these days are working as hard as men and competing in every field. But not only women have to maintain their work but also their houses and that result in double duty and stress which causes hair loss and many other problems.

Tips for maintaining healthy and strong hair

Hair decides the looks of a person. Some people are beautiful but losing hair and permanent baldness changes their looks forever. To keep your hair healthy and growing. For some people losing hair is so hard they go to depression and eventually need therapy to cope with it. We have provided some hair tips for both men and women. These tips will help you if you are losing your hair and are worried about it. It does not matter if you have curly hair or straight hair. These tips are universal and work for everyone.

1. Using lukewarm water

Taking a shower in hot water is everyone’s first choice, and why not it feels so good and relaxing. But did you know that hot water damages your hair and even damages their roots? So if you are a hot shower lover and losing hair at the same time, maybe you should consider your preferences. Because hot water will keep damaging your hair until you are completely bald. Use lukewarm water instead, because it is as good to get clean and does not damage your hairs either.

NOTE: The hot water you love while taking a shower, is also damaging your skin. If your skin is dry and rough it is due to the hot water in the shower. It damages skin and removes necessary oil from it, which causes dryness.

2. Condition your hair

Washing your hair with Shampoo is one thing, but if you want your hairs to be strong and healthy always use a good quality hair conditioner after using shampoo. The shampoo is used to clean hair, but it dries your scalp and causes your hairs to fall. Using conditioner after the shampoo is very healthy for hairs because it recovers dry scalp. Good quality conditioners also strengthen your hairs and stop them from breaking. Always remember to use hairs conditioner on the end of your hairs, try not to put it on your scalp.

3. EGG Treatment 

For people who ate constantly loosing hair, Egg treatment is a very useful method. With this, you can strengthen your hair and stop them from falling. Use egg whites to moisturize your hairs and gently apply them as a conditioner. Keep it for at least thirty minutes and then clean it with shampoo. This will make your hair very smooth and strong. Eggs can also be used as a conditioner due to their high protein nutrition.

4. Keeping the hair clean 

Keeping your hair clean is very important because dirty hairs get dry scalp and dandruff, which destroys the roots of your hair and result in hair loss. According to the American Institute of Dermatology, 30% of people lose their hair due to dandruff. So if you are losing your hair, try to keep them clean. If you do some kind of job which results in dirty hair, clean them daily and try to wear something which will cover your hair.

5. Using oils to strengthen hair 

Using oil on your hair is a very ancient remedy to keep your hair strong. Different oils like Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, etc. are very healthy for your hair. They remove dandruff and keep your hair strong. Some doctors suggest applying oil daily and keep it on your hair the whole day. But a new study has shown that even you use oil three to four hours a day, it will benefit your hairs very much. Do not sleep with oil on your hair. Always clean your hair and then sleep. The best way is to put some oil on your hair at least three hours before you take a shower.

6. Trimming the hair right way 

Trimming your hair is very important. Men usually have a haircut once a month. Trimming your hair is very important because your hairs start splitting into two at their ends. This stops the growth of your hair. If you trim your hairs once a week, you will notice that they will grow faster than usual and will stay strong.

7. Don't Brush wet hair

Never brush your hair while they are wet because wet hairs are very fragile. They break 10 times more if you brush them and rub them with a towel, while they are wet. So always dry let your hairs dry before brushing them.

8. A good diet that is hair friendly 

Diet is the most important thing if you want to stop your hair loss. Some people start losing their hair just because, they are not eating much or have a disturbing diet. Always keep your diet healthy. Keep fast food to its minimum and eat more vegetables and salad. If you are constantly losing your hairs and are worried about them, sit and think for a second and make a list of what you eat daily. Eat more vegetables and fruits because they have rich vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and D which are very much important in hair growth. Fruits and vegetables are rich in biotins which is a very essential vitamin.

Are you are still losing hairs after using all these tips, then consider seeing a doctor. He will prescribe you some biotin supplements which will improve your hair growth and stop them from falling. Stay tuned to our website for more amazing articles about different health issues and tips and solutions to stop them.

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