Best uses and functions of airplane mode on your phone

Flight mode or Air plane mode is now part of every phone. All iphones and android phones come with this mode. In this article, I have explained some important uses and interesting functions of airplane mode in mobile phones.

Important functions and uses of airplane mode in mobile

Important functions and uses of airplane mode in mobile

Airplane mode or flight mode is very important feature of smart phones which has interesting and quick functions. 

It enables specific settings quickly to apply all necessary operations that are required on an airplane. Apart from this basic functions, Airplane mode has some other interesting and useful functions.

What is airplane mode?

In flights, there is a threat of safety. There are some reasons for airplane mode. In flights, plans have navigation equipment in which radio signals are used. The wireless networks can interfere with the pilot’s work which can increase the thread of loss.

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Airplane mode is a function in the smartphone that blocks the signals of the SIM And also stops the functions of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If there is airplane mode on in your mobile, then it means that you can neither make a message nor make a call.

The functions/uses of airplane mode

Flight mode or airplane mode has the following important functions and uses:

1. Safe traveling by plane:

If you’re mobile has airplane mode on this means that you can neither call nor message because the airplane mode disconnects the mobile from the cellular tower. It disables the GPS and Bluetooth of the smartphone.

When we travel by plane in other countries, we need airplane mode. In the airplane, the mobile is mounted on the airplane mode and the flight's Wi-Fi is used. 

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When we reach our destination, then we turn off the airplane mode and use the SIM network. This is safe for family or for flight's people.

2. Saving the phone battery:

Airplane mode can also be used to save mobile batteries. If charging is running out, then we turn on airplane mode. It stops some hardware from consuming the battery power.  In this way, our battery can pass much longer

3. Preventing from kids:

Airplane mode is used to protect your mobile from children. Airplane mode is turned on when mobile is given to children to play the games. From this we can abstain from accidental calls and messages.

4. For speed up charging of mobile:

If you want our mobile to be charged quickly, it can be charged by putting it in airplane mode. This is because airplane mode disables some hardware and software of the phone. It helps the phone charge speedily. 

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5. Use for fixing wireless weirdness

You have often seen that when we get a new SIM card, we restart the mobile. Airplane mode does the same thing. It restarts our mobile networks. This can be done by turning Airplane mode on or off.

Common questions regarding Airplane mode

1. Can you use Bluetooth when mobile is on airplane mode?

If your phone is in Airplane mode, you can use Bluetooth during flights. But your Bluetooth will be able to connect to the small range, for example from your headset or wireless keyboard. But to stay safe it is necessary that you first take permission from the flight attendant.

2. Can you use Wi-Fi when mobile is on airplane mode?

We can be use Wi-Fi while we are on our flight if we have a Wi-Fi in our flight. In flights the airplane mode is turned on, the signals of the mobile are turned off but if the flight has a Wi-Fi mode we can use it. 

You can enable Wi-Fi of flights from settings and can connect to the flight's Wi-Fi but in-flights Wi-Fi is not free. It’s paid.

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