Jazz all SMS packages: daily, weekly, monthly

Jazz has exciting offers for its customers. It has affordable SMS packages and internet packages that are available for daily weekly and monthly subscriptions so that users can enjoy these offers.

Jazz all SMS packages details

Jazz all SMS packages: daily, weekly, monthly

The details of all sms packages of Jazz is given for the year 2021. The new and latest charges and subscription codes are given.  You can alos see all Jazz all calll, sms and internet packages 2021.

Jazz Daily SMS packages

Jazz has SMS offers that typically lasts for one day. This offer is for those users who want to use the SMS service for one day. Some of the daily SMS packages with their details are shown. The daily call packages by jazz are given in a list.

1. Jazz Daily SMS and Whatsapp Bundles:

By subscribing to this offer, you will get 1800 SMS and 10 WhatsApp MBs.This offer is best for those who want to message their loved ones.

For subscription,dial*334#.

The charges of this offer are Rs. 7.17(inclusive of all taxes).

2. Apna Shehr offer:

This is a good hybrid offer. This offer can give access to unlimited jazz minutes,1500 SMS, and 100 MB’s. This exciting offer costs only 11.94(inclusive of all taxes). The validity of this offer is 1 day.

To subscribe to this offer, dial*229#.

This offer is valid till midnight.

3. Super F&F offer:

This offer is for those who want to message or call a single person. Through this offer, you can call and text your favourite person. This offer is valid for one day.

To subscribe yo this offer, dial *141#. This offer costs Rs.10

Jazz Weekly SMS packages & Bundles

You can check Jazz all weekly internet packages and also jazz weekly call packages details in a separate post. The weekly jazz bundles have the following exciting offers.

1.Weekly WhatsApp and SMS package:

This bundle offers 25 MBs and 1500 SMS. This offer is valid for 7 days and charges are Rs.20/-. To subscribe to this offer, dial*101*1*07#.

2. Weekly Hybrid:

This bundle offers 1000 on-net minutes,1000SMS,20 other network minutes, and 1024MB’S.To subscribe to this offer, dial*407#. The charges are Rs.120 inclusive of all taxes.

3. Weekly All network offer:

This bundle offers 1000 on-net minutes,60 off-net minutes,2048MBS, and 1000 SMS for Rs.170 inclusive of all taxes. To subscribe to this offer dial*700#.

4. Mega Super Duper Weekly

This offer has 1500 on-net minutes,60 off-net minutes, and 1500 DSMS and 3072MB’s. The charges for this offer are Rs.210/- inclusive of all taxes.

To subscribe to this offer dial*505#.

Jazz Monthly SMS packages

You can also see Jazz monthly internet packages here.

Jazz has the following monthly SMS packages for 2021:

1. Monthly Super Duper offer:

This bundle has 3000 on-net minutes,150offnt minutes,3000 SMS, and 5120 MB’S.To subscribe to this offer dial*706#. The charges are Rs.600/-

2. Monthly super duper plus:

This package offers 5000 on-net minutes,300 off-net minutes, and 5000 local SMS, and 1536 MB’s. The charges are Rs.976/- and to subscribe to this offer dial*707#.

3. Monthly super duper card:

this card offers 200 on-net minutes,150 off-net minutes and 2000 SMS, and 2000 MB’s. The charges for the subscription are Rs,600. To subscribe dial*601#.

4. Monthly Whatsapp:

This bundle offers 5GB for WhatsApp, facebook, IMO and 12000 SMS. To subscribe dial*601# and charges are Rs,99/-

5. Monthly Hybrid:

This bundle offers 333 on-net minutes,50 off-net minutes and 1000 SMS, and 1024 MB’s.To subscribe to this offer dial *430#. The charges are Rs,444/-

The charges may vary according to the location of the customer. 

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