How to lock your jazz balance code 2023

 Here are four methods to save your jazz balance when data is on. Yo can lock your Jazz balance when you have a package. Many users really end with consuming their all balance if their package expires and they don't know it. It happens that you subscribe to any Jazz /Warid packages and there is some balance left in your account.

Save jazz balance warid balance save code tarika 2020

You use packaged MBs or minutes and when your package expires and you don't know it, the balance in your account used and your account is emptied.

That is why i am giving your four ways to lock, hide or save your jazz/Warid balance.

4 ways to save and lock your jazz balance

Now let me tell you all 4 methods one by one. Please note that these methods are same and work for both jazz and warid users.

1. Jazz Balance lock code 2023

This is the newest code to lock your jazz balance. This code actually locks your jazz balance from being used on the internet.

Save your Warid balance when data is on

When you subscribe to an internet package and you want that your balance should not be used when your internet package expires, you use this method.

Subscribe Code:

The subscription code to lock your jazz balance is *275#

Unsubscription code:

The unsubscription code to lock your jazz balance is *275*4#

What are the charges? What terms and conditions apply? for details you should read a complete post on Lock and unlock your jazz balance code.

2. Save your jazz balance in another account (Doosra Balance)

This is the 2nd method to save your jazz balance in another virtual space present in your same jazz number. You simply create this space and transfer your balance to that space by dialing code. Then you can transere that balance to your main balance account any time.

Get two jazz numbers on single sim

Jazz balance save code 2023

The process is very simple and clear. But I have actually written a complete post on How to save your balance in Jazz doosra balance account. You can read that post for details.

3. Set up call barring on your number to restrict outgoing calls

The 3rd method is to activate call barring service on your number to stop any outgoing call from your number. when you activate this, no one can call from your number. all outgoing calls will be blocked and your balance will be safe.

Call barring activation code: *33*0000#

Call Barring deactivation code: *33*0000#

When you activate call barring, you can not make call from your number, anyhow incoming call will continue.

4. Unsubscribe from all unwanted Jazz Service

If your balance consumes without your usage, and you don't know why your balance consumes, you should unsubscribe all unnecessary jazz services.

How to check activated services on jazz

To know which services are subscribed to your jazz number, send "List" to 6611. Rs 0.5 Applies per SMS.

And if you find some services subscribed to your number, you can unsubscribe those services by dialing codes which I have published as Jazz all free codes 2023.

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