Jazz Wifi MBB device packages 2023

 Jazz provides 4G wifi devices. You can find the list of all Jazz 4G wifi device packages in 2023. I have given all daily, weekly, monthly, 3 month, and 6 months packages with all details.

Jazz Wifi Device Packages 2023

Jazz provides very cheap internet packages for MBB 4G devices. You can find short-term and long-term packages.

Jazz 4 G device packages 2023

Here is a list of all MBB packages for Jazz 4G wifi devices.

1. Jazz MBB device 3 Day bundle

Jazz provides 3 days internet package for wifi devices at Rs 400 (load). You can subscribe to this package at any time. You will get 8 GB of data for 3 days.

Here are the details:

Price: Rs 400 recharge

Data: 8 GB

Duration: 3 Days

Subscription code: *117*53#

Now Here are some other 4G wifi device packages offered by Jazz.

2. Jazz Wifi Device weekly package

Jazz gives 25 GB of data for 7 days. Here are the details of Jazz weekly MBB package 2023.

Price: Rs 1000 recharge

Data: 25 GB

Duration: 7 Days

Subscription code: *117*57#

3. Jazz MBB Monthly Wifi Device packages 2023

Here is a list of all jazz MBB monthly packages for 2023. The details of every package is given in a separate post. Here are the names of the packages with some basic information. You can get more details by going to the links.

Jazz offers the following Monthly packages for MBB 4G Wifi devices.

1. Monthly internet basic package

2. Monthly internet regular package

3. Monthly Mega internet package

4. Monthly heavy internet package

You can see the details of all Jazz device packages monthly. 

In addition, Jazz provides with long term internet packages like 3 months and 6 months packages. YOu can find the details below:

1. Jazz 3 months device package 2023

2. Jazz 6 months device package 2023.

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