A step by step guide to start your free blog on Blogpspot 2022

 Blogging means putting your writings organized in form of a blog. Many people blog on daily basis. Some people write a blog for keeping their writings safe. Some write for expressions, some write for knowledge sharing, some write for helping others, some write for business purposes. More of them write for money.

How to create free blog on blogger website 2022

There are free platforms that allow writers to create free blogs. Blogger and WordPress are two popular platforms. You can read the scope and limitations of a free blogspot blog in a separate post.

This guide will lead you through the process of creating your own free blog on a blogger blog. All you need is a Gmail account.

Free blog on blogspot all steps

Here is the complete process how you can make your pown free blog on blogspot.com 

Step-1: Create a Gmail ID of not already created

Sign up for Gmail account. (if you don't already have). Go to gmail.com and signup. 

create gmail account
  1. >Enter you Full Name. First and Last Name
  2. >choose your username. It should be unique. It is your email alias. For example, if you choose "iandhe" then your email address will be "iandhe@gmail.com". So, Google will allow you only the username that is not already taken or that has more characters.
  3. > create strong passwords
  4. >confirm your passwords by entering it again.
  5. > select your birthdate from drop-down manu.
  6. >Select your gender
  7. > choose your country flag from the drop-down. and your country code will be selected. Then write your mobile number without a country code.
  8. > Choose your country and click on "next step"
Choose settings on next step and your email is created. If you have already an email at Gmail, you can skip to step-2.

Step-2: Go to blogger and set up your blog

Now go to your email inbox. Click on the top right grid near your name. Choose "blogger" and you will be taken to blogger. Otherwise, go directly to blogger.com

a step by step guide to create a free blogger blog

New screen says "You do not have any blog. Create a New Blog". You will choose "create a new blog". A popup screen will appear. 

You will choose the title of your blog, the address of your blog, the theme of your blog. Now your blog is created.

choose a name and theme for your blogger blog
Your blog is now live. You can create new posts and share them with the world.

Step-3 Create and publish your first post on blogger

Here is how you can create your first post on Blogger:

  1. >go to your blogger account.
  2. >From the dashboard, clicks on "New Post" and the post editor will open. 

start your own free blog on blogger and publish a post on blogger

3. >Write a post and hit "Publish"

If you are trying to make money on the net through blogging, you should set up a custom domain for your free blog

How to change the theme of your blogger blog

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