Are mosquito repellents safe for your skin? See these Tips

Mosquitos transmit various diseases like malaria and dengue to hundreds and thousands of people every year. The number of dengue and malaria diseases in Pakistan is on the rise. 

So, the best way to limit the spread of diseases is to protect yourself from insects. There are many types of insect repellent some contain natural ingredients while others contain artificial. But, every repellent work in the same manner.

Mosquito repellents and your skin

Mosquito creams are available as well to keep mosquitos away when you are outside. DEET is a very known active ingredient in bug sprays and insect repellents.
mosquito repellents homemade natural safe for skin

Is it safe to use insect repellents?

Insect repellents are used day by day worldwide and it has become our everyday routine. Too much usage of repellents can cause serious health problems. 

The chemicals present in repellents are not safe to be inhaled and can cause serious breathing issues.

Look at some of the best insect repellents to know how they work and what are they made of


DEET is the most popular insect repellent sold over the world. It was used by 200 million people worldwide. It is the most effective and safe repellent on the market. But it should be used in limit because frequently used of DEET will cause rashes and scarring. 

Negative reactions of DEET are very rare when the bug sprays are used in limit and washing your skin after returning to indoor can reduce the irritation from exposure.

2. IR3535

IR3535 is an insect repellent proven to be nontoxic whereas causing no skin irritations. It is as effective as DEET. It is one of the best repellents used worldwide with positive reviews from consumers.

3. Oil of lemon eucalyptus

Studies have shown that Oil of lemon eucalyptus sometimes causes eye irritation and skin rashes to some consumers. It is referred to as the most effective of all plant-based repellents.

Tips to keep you safe  

Here are some of the tips you can use to reduce the risks of repellent sprays
  • Do not use or apply insect repellents on a wound or irritated skin
  • Do not use bug sprays under clothing
  • Do not apply too much repellent spray or cream on your skin.
  • Wash your treated clothing before wearing it again
  • After returning from the outdoor, wash your skin with soap and water.

Natural ingredient repellent oil

If you have any fear of a negative reaction to insect repellents or bug sprays, then you can use natural ingredients to avoid mosquitos. Citronella is an effective mosquito repellent oil. 

You can use this oil and massage it on your body to protect your skin from insects. Mix citronella with olive or coconut oil and then apply it to your skin. Reapply the oil every 5 hours to protect yourself from mosquitos.


Overall. If we see the research, it is to be concluded that insect repellents are safe and good to use. They provide more good than harm to consumers. You must follow all the instructions given on the repellents labels. So that, you will be at a very little risk of getting any negative reactions.

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