Google Adsense Disapproved? Monetize your blog with other methods

othe ways to monetize your blog if adsense not approved

I wasted a lot of my time improving my free blog on with a hope of earning some money through Adsense. I carefully read their content guidelines and webmaster guidelines and tried to follow them. 

When I was a beginner and was unable to understand the technicalities involved in blogging, I gave up after two disapproval and started trying alternatives to AdSense. 

Today I know many of the bloggers who shifted to the monetizing methods I use today with the same backgrounds stories.

Believe me, if you are not well experienced with SEO and other terms related to content writing for blogs, and you are trying to earn from a free blog (like on, you are wasting your time. 

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What are the best ways to monetize your blog or Website?

As you can see the disadvantages of Adsense are of great consideration, Adsense is yet a lovable earning method. If your Adsense application is disapproved, you can apply again after improving your blog. If your application is rejected, then you are not eligible to apply again.

Don’t worry. There are other monetization methods. Please continue reading….

Well, let me explain how you can earn money from your blog without Adsense.

Adsense Disapproved. What to do now?

First of all, let me tell you that getting AdSense approval is not as hard as you think. It is simple and quite easy.

This is because many publishers do not follow the policies and guidelines provided by Adsense. So, they do some mistakes and their content becomes ineligible for Adsense.

You can monetize your blog in the following ways if your Adsense is not approved.

1. Display ads for other ad networks

The first thing is displaying ads from other ad networks. There are many ad networks that provide you with quality ads for your blog and pay you well. This simply allows the marketers to purchase ad spaces on your blog to place an advertisement of their products or services that are relevant to your niche. 

They share the revenue with you according to the amount of traffic your site directly to theirs. The share of revenue is higher than you may be offered by Adsense. 

Bidvertiser and Chitika are the best services for your blog to start with your earning career. There are many but why do I suggest the above two? Yes, I know you would be searching for the best alternative to AdSense. These both will surely satisfy you in the context of the quality of ads and their rates.

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Adsense rejected and best ways to monetize a website

Hee is the list of other ad networks similar to Adsense.

2. Sell Ad space on your blog

There are many companies who are looking for ad spaces on well-ranked niche logs. They display the ads of their company in those spaces. Selling ad spaces is different from showing Adsense and similar ads on your blog. The difference is as follows:

1. Showing Ads

Adsense and similar ad networks show ads on your blog on the behalf of their client companies
They pay you per click OR per thousand impressions OR per sale OR per valid view etc

Your earning depends upon valid clicks on ads, valid views of ads, impressions. These things are again dependent on the number of visitors to your blog.

2. Selling ad spaces on your blog

Companies themselves show their ads on the spaces provided on your blog. (There are many companies who also place the ads of their client companies)
  • They pay according to the space size you provide on your blog
  • They pay according to the time for which you sell a particular space on your blog
  • Your earning is fixed for the size of space and time
  • A blog with more visitors gets a high price for a particular size and time of space.

This tool is like giving a portion of your home on rent. You just receive an agreed amount for the agreed space after an agreed interval of time. No worries about conversion or clicks.

Advertisers have set strict criteria for this type of tool. Usually, your blog must have daily visitors not fewer than 1000. 

Moreover, your content must be under one niche topic and it must offer attractive information to the readers. BuySell Ads, AdShareMarket, and BlogAds are some of the popular websites that purchase ad spaces. Blogvertise is one of the good places which offer free links between publishers and advertisers.

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3. Affiliate marketing

Also known as associate marketing, affiliate marketing has now become a most popular monetizing tool for experienced bloggers. 

Different blogging strategies are used to monetize the blog through this method. But this is a child play for advanced users who have a good reputation and solid marketing skills and links. 

In this method, a blogger is required to sell the products or services of merchants or entrepreneurs to earn a good share of commission for every sale.

The bloggers do have marketing skills like they write excellent product/service review and link to their business website where a user can buy a product/service. 

Beware that if you promote the wrong product, your own reputation will go out and you will end up with the loss of your own credibility. So, choosing a product to be promoted is a critical and basic point for a blogger.

Many companies are trying to introduce their products and services to new people in order to grow their market. They are consistently looking for someone who will introduce their products to the maximum target audience. 

In this case, a relevant niche blog with a reasonable number of visitors is a thing of great charm for them. Most of the today’s bloggers are using this monetizing tool for earning the major part of their online income.

The bloggers simply do this by:
  • writing about the products and services on their blogs
  • participating in forums and discussions
  • increasing Email subscribers
  • sharing on social media etc.

How affiliate marketing works?

The popular brands have their own rules and regulations for the affiliate program; you cannot promote and sell the products through illegal means like spamming and blackhat. The bloggers have their own rules and regulations too; they opt out of a brand with a good reputation and the brand with quality and reliability.

Referral Marketing

Affiliate marketing also includes referral services for clients. A blogger with a good reputation and a large number of their own customers and clients can refer to his/her followers or visitors to a specific service/ company. If one who is referred by an affiliate buys a service or product, an agreed amount of commission is given to the referrer. 

The majority of bloggers today earn huge revenue through referral marketing. This is the best option for those who have a lot of traffic and enormous followers. 

I know a blogger who told me that he was earning $ 8000 a month through affiliate marketing. There are companies who offer even 50% of the profit share to referrers.

Paid Reviews

A tool similar to Affiliate Marketing is writing paid reviews. The companies are more concerned to build reputation and trust among the users of their products. For this, they spend a lot of money to get quality reviews by popular bloggers.

Millions of people read reviews about a particular item before making a purchase of it. Usually, blog posts are a good source of publishing encouraging information about a product/service. 

A blog with a lot of visitors and good standing can earn millions by paid reviews for various brands. This type of review gives publicity, reputation, reliability, and ultimately more sales to the brand/ product.

A blogger can earn the income double of what Adsense would bring to him/her. ReviewMe and PayPerPost are two of the most popular websites that offer paid reviews services.

4. Sell your own products

Another good monetization method is to sell your own E-Book, video tutorial, training course etc. to your visitors. If your blog is on a single niche topic and you have written excellent articles that show your knowledge and experience to your visitors, why not to sell an E-book? 

You can write an E-book on a certain topic under your niche and offer it to your visitors at a reasonable price. Similarly, if you have produced a video that explains a certain topic or process in an effective way, you can sell this video to your visitors.

Getting started with E-Book

Suppose you are IT Guru, you have a great blog under the IT niche. You have written various articles on related topics. You receive more than 1,000 visitors a day. You write an E-Book on “practical guide to build a professional website in 1 day”. 

It is not wrong to sell this book to your visitors for a cheap rate.

If you like, you can display your book on various E-stores like Amazon, E-Bay, etc. to sell it to general people. There are certain things to be kept under consideration while choosing this monetization method. These areas are under:

Do write sufficient text about your E-book, video or training course. Explain the content of the book, video training course well.

Try to convince the reader to buy your E-book, video, training course, etc. This can be done by writing appealing articles and reviews of your product. Include the comments from your existing customers. Ask your friends to write reviews of this product on their social networks or their own blogs.

5. Collect E-mails from your visitors

This is another way to generate more income from your blog. As you blog under a specific niche, you know that the visitors do have some common interests. You can collect their emails to build a list of specific people. 

For example, your blog is on “Teaching” you know that majority of the visitor should be teachers or students or the people who have to do with teaching in some sense. So if you collect their email addresses, you are building the list of people who are teachers OR who are associated with teaching in some sense.

How will you earn through this list?

Good question! a building an email list is not itself an earning activity. You can use this list for E-mail marketing. 

For above example, you can sell something that is of high interest for the teachers. You can design an email consisting of the details of the product you are offering. You will send this email to all the contacts on the list. So your marketing email reaches the specific target audience. It will surely generate more commissions.

Selling your Email list

Another method is to sell this Email list to marketers. Many advertisers and marketers are looking for the Email contacts of a specific type of professionals, people of specific trade and the people of a specific age group, region etc. They are ready to offer a good price for an email list of these people.

Note: Selling your mailing list is not a good thing. You are giving the contacts of your visitors to the third party without their permission.

6. Publish sponsor posts and paid reviews

This is yet a great way to earn handsome income from your blog. Many companies pay a huge amount to their advertisers. If you have built trust with your visitors, you can earn by writing sponsored posts and paid reviews about the products and services of your client company/business. You can write reviews-not ads. 

This is what makes your visitors feel more confident of the reliability of the information you write in your post. They have trust in you. They believe you. So, they will take your words seriously. It will encourage them to buy the product/service from your client.

Get free gifts and products

Another advantage is that the company may give you free products or services in order to use, rate and then review. So, you can collect free services and products. In this way, you can write more authentic reviews and give real information about those products and services.

Putting Paid Links

Another way of writing sponsor posts is to insert text links to ads to your posts. Bloggers add three or more text ads in/her posts on a specific niche. These text ads are paid by the sponsor.

Paid Reviews, PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews, and ReviewMe are two free websites that offer a place to get the advertisers who are ready to pay for reviews and posts.

Paid reviews and adsense website referral

7. Insert paid widgets to your blog

In this method, a blogger inserts a third-party widget or functionality to his/her blog. You are paid for the interaction of your visitors with this widget. For example, you can insert the “related posts” widget provided by a third party. 

The widget will show related posts below every post on your blog. This widget will contain thumbnails and titles of the posts provided by the widget provider. If your reader clicks on those links he/she will be taken to the linked article. You will get the money.

Similarly, you can install a widget provided by a large brand to show their products etc. Taboola Ads and Outbrain are good examples of paid widgets.

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