Zong daily internet packages list with codes 2023

We've gathered all of the information for you to explore the Zong daily Internet Packages so you can simply find the relevant deals and subscribe to them based on your needs. Zong ONE DAY internet packages 2023 is given here with latest updated prices and resources.

Zong Daily (One Day) internet packages 2023

Sometimes you are not a regular internet worm. But you need to use internet for a while like for one hour or two hours. You would like to get small amount of data for a shorter period in a very low price. So, this list of packages is for you. Zong offers monthly all-in-one packages 2023 with lowest prices. You can check those too.

Zong daily intenet packages 2023 with codes


Get 100MB of internet with the price of only 23 rupees. Daily Basic package is good for daily internet usage at a cheap price. 100 MBs are not enough though you can do a small task online with this data. This bundle is rarely used by Zong users in Pakistan.


  •  Validity: Daily
  • To activate dial *6464# for the tariff activation menu
  • Dial *102# to check remaining MB of internet. Charges 10 Paisa +Tax per inquiry.


You may want to download a movie with less then 500 MBs of data. Get 1 GB data with 500MB of YouTube in just 49 rupees.


  • Validity: Daily
  • To activate dial *5#
  • Dial *102# to check remaining MB of internet. Charges 10 Paisa +Tax per inquiry.


Enjoy Zong 4G high-speed internet at late-night. This offer is specially designed for those who want to use the internet late night. Get 2.5 GB of the internet in just 23 rupees. This offer is Applicable from1 am to 9 am.


  • Validity: Daily
  • To activate SMS “gno” to 6464.
  • Dial *102# to check remaining MB of internet. Charges 10 Paisa +Tax per inquiry.
  • To unsubscribe SMS "unsubgno" to 6464


With the 2 Hour Non-Stop Offer, you may make unlimited calls to all Zong numbers and get 1GB of the fastest data for any 2 hours of your choice for just Rs. 9.


  • Just dial *5555# to subscribe.
  • Validity is for 120 minutes from the time of subscription
You can see that these are short-term mini bundles that you can consume in a narrow time slot. These are not usually popular bundles because everybody nowadays uses the internet daily. There are a few people who may need these bundles.

You should see the following list:

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