Zong monthly packages best all in one package 2023

Here are the best Zong monthly package with lowest price. You can find these packages are the most economical in terms if price and the resource you get in these bundles. These packages come with 30 days validity and are all in one package 2023. 

Zong Best All in One Monthly Packages code

Zong is the second largest GSM service provider in Pakistan. It facilitates its users by providing them with the fastest internet speed. Besides only internet packages, Zong introduces the cheapest call and SMS packages also. Zong has launched an All In One monthly offer for its users.

zong best all in one montly package 2023

 Zong All In One offer includes Zong Super Star offer and Zong Super Card offer. Here are the details of cheapest Zong all in one packages 2023.

1. Zong Monthly Super Star Package

This package includes 3000 Zong to Zong minutes, 500 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS, and 8 GBs of free web data. It is a relatively inexpensive package that you can purchase for Rs. 575 per month, including tax. This package provides a variety of support for the entire month at the lowest possible cost.

Offer Incentives:

  • Zong to Zong minutes: 3000
  • SMS: 3000
  • Data: 8 GB
  • Subscription: *7070#
  • Unsubscription code: Type “UNSUB MHO” and send it to 522 to unsubscribe to this offer.
  • Usage Check code: *102# (10 ps +tax/inquiry)

Terms And Conditions:

  1. Per call charges are 0.15 paisa.
  2. If the balance is not sufficient, to avail of this package, you can get a loan of Rs. 25.
  3. Re 1+tax for over usage.


This is the best package evaluated for the price and the resources offered. There are other Zong monthly packages that offer more data but those are more expensive. So, this is the best package for those who do not consume a huge amount of internet data.

2. Zong Super Card:

Zong Super Card is another all-in-one inclusive package that Zong users like. The bundle costs Rs.699 and includes unlimited On-Net minutes, 250 Off-Net minutes, Unlimited SMS, 10 GBs Internet data, and 3000 MBs of WhatsApp with 4G internet providers.

Offer Incentives:

  • Zong to Zong minutes: unlimited
  • Other network minutes: 250
  • Internet Data: 10 GB
  • SMS: Unlimited
  • Subscription Code: Dial *6464# and press 4

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The rate per call is 0.15 paisa.
  2. You can get a loan of Rs. 25 upon dialing *911#.
  3. The bundle is auto-renewable.


We have listed the cheapest packages based on our own analysis. You can buy other Zong monthly internet packages if you want to get a huge amount of Data. These are for normal day-to-day users. You can select the one according to your own requirements.

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