Non-locals will not be able to sell used phones in Karachi

new sops by KEDA restrict non-locals selling used mobiles in Karachi

Cell phone shops across Karachi have been told not to purchase utilized telephones from individuals with non-Karachi postal addresses on their modernized public personality cards (CNICs).

KEDA Bans sale of Used mobile phones in Karachi

Karachi Electronics Dealers Association (KEDA) has embraced new SOPs in counsel with Karachi Police and Citizen-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), says KEDA President Rizwan Irfan. The SOPs really imply that you really want a Karachi CNIC to sell a pre-owned telephone on the business sectors across the city, says Irfan. The new SOPs for selling and purchasing used phones in Krachi come amidst many fraudulent cases in Mobile phones dealings.

In any case, the SOPs go past the confirmation of CNIC. The businesspeople purchasing utilized telephones will likewise confirm in the event that the gadget being sold has been accounted for taken to the CPLC. In the event that a telephone ends up being taken, the merchant would be given over to the police.

New SOPs imposed for Used Mobile phone sale and purchase

Indeed, even after a dealer passes the CNIC and CPLC confirmations, they will be approached to give their checked telephone number to the businessperson purchasing the pre-owned gadget. 

The business people have been told to keep up with every one of the pertinent records of their buys. The new SOPs have as of now produced results. They were first spread out in 2016 however this time they are being implemented by Karachi Police, says the KEDA president adding that the actions apply to stuffed new telephones too.

The maintenance administrations across the city have additionally been told to initially confirm the responsibility for prior to changing a chip and playing out a comparative fix. 

Karachi has countless gifted and untalented laborers from different urban areas, who live in the city for work.

While numerous Karachi residents have invited the choice, the laborers from different urban areas say it has intensified their concerns as they will not have the option to supplant their old telephone with another one.

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