8 effective tips to relieve back pain fast

These are effective tips and remedies for back pain. If you are wondering what to do to relieve back pain fast, you can follow these simple tips to do this. Before we go into the details of remedies to lower back pain, let me tell you that this post is equally beneficial for both lower back pain and middle back pain.
how to relive and control and prevent back pain

Effective Tips to relieve back pain

To relieve back pain, you may do the following things:

1. Proper Food 

Proper food is much necessary to prevent back pain. If you eat right things and eat in right time it will help you to maintain your health and also good for back pain. You should eat such things which have nutrition for your bones in them, because back pain is usually because of weak bones. Try to eat such thing that will stronger your bones. Eat good things and regularly. There are some things that are suggested to eat to reduce back pain.
  • Drink Milk
  • Eat curd
  • Eat Fruits or their shakes.

2. Do Proper Exercise:

Exercise is necessary to maintain your health. Health is Wealth, we should have a sound body with good health.
It is famous saying that:
A sound body has a sound mind
Exercise plays an important role in building your health. To prevent back pain exercise is much necessary. By doing exercise your muscles and bones become strong. Your muscles of body will become flexible. We are going to suggest you proper and easy exercises to reduce your back pain. These exercises are simply, easy and also effective in reducing back pain.
  • Walk daily early in the morning.
  • Bend yourself down and touch your feet with your hands in the morning exercise.
  • Use strategies to work with your back slightly.
  • Do not lift heavy things.
  • Pivot your knees while Lifting things.
  • Hold the object close to your body, in other words close to your chest so that there is no any heaviness on your back.

3. Sleeping Position 

Try to sleep on right time and also sleep in a good position so that your back may feel rest. There are two position of sleep, one is straight sleeping and another is side sleeping.If you don’t sleep straight , try to sleep on sides because on side sleep our whole body becomes into a position of rest. Side sleep is a good idea and tip to reduce your back pain. 

 If you cannot sleep on sides then try to have a small pillow under your lower side of back while sleeping. Use pillow under your head. To make your body straight while sleeping pillow plays a good role. By using these strategies you will feel comfortable and if you carry on sleeping like this you will not feel back pain while sleeping or when you wake up.

4. Don’t Smoke 

Smoking is very dangerous for all of us and it affects your bones very fast but quietly. Smoking is called Silent Death. Smoking rises the risk of cancer of lungs and colon cancers. It also rises the risk of heart diseases. Researches has shown that smoking effects your backbone and causes back pain indirectly.

Smoking can cause narrow vessels, so the blood pressure in your vessels will increase and low amount of blood and nutrients will reach your back , so your back will become week, So it causes back pain indirectly. You have to leave the bad habit of smoking if you want to reduce back pain.

What is related:

5. Avoid Wearing High Heels

Wearing high heels shoes also effect your backbone. Avoid wearing such a pair of shoes. High heels can change your center of gravity to your lower back. And it will increase pain in your back. If you want to wear then wear only half or one inch high heels. By wearing high heels your back becomes strengthen and it do not feel comfortable , so it is not suggested to wear.

6. Maintain Your Posture

Some people don’t realize that by sitting in bad positions can cause back pain. People use to watch televisions for a long time and they don’t think about their body. People, while chatting and using mobile phones, become so much busy that they don’t realize that they are damaging their back. You should use proper sitting. 

For example , sit straight while watching TV or working on a computer. Use a chair with straight back for sitting. Try to have your knees slightly higher than your heaps. You should sit properly as told above in your home even in your office or anywhere. If you practice daily you will maintain your posture and you’d have natural curves in your body that are best for our body. So, the best I can suggest is to read the best sitting posture to sit for a long time.

7. Controle you movement

If you drive a motorbike, and you do it more than what your back can stand, it is really a cause of back pain. Try to limit the use of motorbike for long times. Anything where you sit for long doing some task, or even reading or writing, can stimulate back pain. 

8. Use gadgets

Another way is to use a waist belt or a pain belt. This is a latest technology that contacts your back muscles and tunes them. The muscles get energy and the pain is reduced. You can easily get this belt from any medical store.

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