Student Study Abroad Loan for Pakistani Students

 Students should do a detailed study of the financial help and student loan programs before choosing one of them for a large amount of money. 

One should analyze all the schemes, interest percentages, and policies as they have to pay the amount after study. It is very important to study the loan scheme and criteria.

study abroad loans for pakistani students

Loans for Pakistani students to study abroad

If you are planning for higher studies, financial backup is needed to do so. It is advised that students should first look for scholarships and grants and the last option is of taking a loan in order to study abroad. 

Whether you are doing a Ph.D. or an MS degree it will be expensive to pursuit. There are various institutions and famous banks which give student loan to study abroad. 

These loan schemes provide very good assistance to students who wanted to complete a degree internationally.

Student Loans for Study Abroad in Pakistan

Educational loans are mostly provided by banks, institutions, some universities, NGO’s, and by Education Commission. 

The purpose is to enable a brilliant student to study abroad by helping him financially. 

Once, students complete the loan cycle, he has to pay the whole amount to that organization with some interest as decided scheme policy. 

Bank Loans for Pakistani Students studying abroad

There are very few loan schemes are present in Pakistan. These schemes have their criteria and restrictions related to the loan process. 

Following is the list of almost all opportunities for taking student loan for abroad studies:

1. Student Loan by National Bank of Pakistan

This is a good opportunity that offers student loans in order to meet the student’s financial needs. 

The Ministry of Finance made an agreement with the State Bank of Pakistan according to which the national bank will provide loans to the students free of interest.

Eligibility criteria:

Students should be enrolled in approved colleges and universities who are applying under this scheme. Admission must be on proper merit criteria. 

The age of the student is 21 years for graduation, 31 years for post-graduation, and 36 years for a Ph.D. program.

All of the previous academic results should be at least 70%. The family background belongs to a poor family and he must have no enough resources to pay his fee and meet other educational expenses. 

Subjects Eligibility:

The enrollment of the course should be in:
computer science
business management
medicine, engineering
electronics, statistics
commerce subjects
any natural science
LLB or LLM in Shariah
Information Technology.


Bank will directly deposit tuition fees and hostel charges directly to the university and hostel bank accounts. For textbooks, you will be given cash. 

Approved universities and more details are on the NBP official page. 

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2. Bank Alfalah Student Loan Policy for Study Abroad

Bank Alfalah gives loans to students of Pakistan who are wished to study aboard and need a student loan for this purpose. 

Bank Alfalah is working very efficiently and provides about 70 thousand USD or an equal amount of required currency annually. 

The amount is given to the student in order to meet tuition fees, living expenses, and other dues.

Basically, it is required for all the Pakistani students to submit the required documents in any branch of Bank Alfalah and he will surely receive the Loan if fulfill the criteria.

Bank alfalah students loan for study abroad


The eligibility age is above 21 years and students should provide the proof of income is below 25000 monthly. The minimum time period for the loan is 1 year and the maximum will be 5 years. 

The best thing about the loan policy is that there is no need for any security and guarantee for this. The markup rates are affordable and the policy is one of the best policies.


The bank will directly pay your university dues and your hostel fee and textbooks will be given to the students. You can take more information from the official page of Bank Alfalah.

3. HBL Personal Loan 

The loan gives you a financial policy of about 25,000 to 2,000,000 to meet the finance of student’s studies. The loan can be utilized for other purposes and one of the major purposes is Education. The eligibility criteria should be fulfilled. 

HBL personal loan for education of students

The student should have an HBL account and the age of the person ranges from 21 years to 60 years. 

If you need more details regarding the ‘HBL Personal Loan’ you can visit the official website.

4. Alkhidmat Foundation student Loan Policy

This foundation gives services in all areas of Pakistan and has the mission is to serve people without any equity of sector, caste, language, and political difference. 

The organization is working for community services, health services, orphan management and provides micro-credit loans to the poor and the needy without any interest. 

Students can continue their higher education or start a business of their own.

The foundation offer program under the guidance of Islamic values “Qarz-e-Husna” and other interest-free loans are given to the needy and poor students. 

This will give devoted and hardworking students to complete their degrees and start their careers with an equal chance. The organization gives up to 350,000 PKR educational loans to the deserving students.
Ihsan Trust Study Loan Program:

This is a welfare trust which is working in order to provide interest-free loans to people from different backgrounds. The principle of giving loans is as by Islamic teaching based on “Qarz-e-Husna”. 

There is no interest and markup will be charged on it. The main aim is to help hardworking students to continue their studies by providing equal chances by giving educational loans.


The eligibility criteria are that the student must be a Pakistani citizen, the financial loan will be used on education and the admission of the student is based on merit. 

It should be confirmed that the total income of the family must be below 50,000. And the student is not taking any other financial help or loan. 

The funds are directly transferred to the university account and for more details, you can visit their official page.

5. Professional Education Foundation Loan for Students

The dream of the foundation is to provide an educational loan based on Need cum Merit. The foundation will directly pay the fee of the applicant. 

Professional education foundation educational loan procedure

The applicant should be enrolled in the university based on merit which comes in the PEF board. 

Once the student secures the loan, he will pay 12 installments of 300 to 500/month during the study period. After employment, he has to repay all the installments in 6 months.

After reading this article, you have enough knowledge about taking an educational loan in order to continue your higher studies.

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